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Inner Scrying Mirror - View the Past, Present & Future

Inner Scrying Mirror - View the Past, Present & Future

  • Information

    Founder: Hari Winarso

    Year of Channelling: 2010

    Fixed Fee System: No

    Nos. Attunements: 1

    Symbols: No

    Prerequisite: None 


    The Inner Scrying Mirror Attunement is based on Scrying Mirrors but without a mirror. Scrying Mirrors are a divination tool for looking into the past, present and future. The Scrying Mirror and other tools are used as a focus while you reach the mental openness which allows you to perceive information. Many see visions in the mirror, some see or sense symbols, colours or shapes that they interpret. Other people actually see images or events unfolding as though viewing a movie. The process of gazing is quite similar to other psychic reading and meditation techniques. While tools may help with scrying, the knowledge and ability to do this work is within the seeker rather than in the tools. This attunement utilises a lot of visualisation to view an etheric mirror in front of you during your Scrying ritual. Alternatively, you can activate the energies while viewing a physical Scrying mirror. If you do not have a Scrying mirror, you can use a plain mirror. I have experienced some amazing results from working with this attunement and I hope you enjoy the blessings too. 

  • You Will Receive

    * A link will be sent to you after you have purchased your distant attunement. This link will give you access to your attunement manual which can be saved straight to your computer. 


    * A thank you email will be sent on the day of your attunement purchase. This email will give you a link to my new online booking program where you can select a day and time for your attunement to be sent. {Same-day attunements are not currently available}. 


    * Your distant attunement will be sent using your chosen method of initiation {Chi ball or appointed time}.


    * A PDF certificate with a hand-signed signature and genuine lineage will be sent after you have received your distant attunement { I do not issue certificates at the same time as attunements are given} 


    * I give full spiritual support to all students before, during and after their attunements so if you have any questions or need guidance or support, please do not hesitate to email me and I will help as much as I can

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