Indigo Aura High Radiance - Increase Psychic Visions, Dreams and Intuition

  • Indigo Aura High Radiance was channeled by Ananda Jyothsana. 


    Indigo Aura High Radiance has been channeled to work with the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras and is capable of helping you to communicate any Psychic Visions or Dreams that you might experience when working with this energy. Indigo Aura High Radiance also works well with the regocnition of the Christ Consciousness that we all have within our Soul Self. It allows you to significantly raise your Vibrations, allowing you to release all forms of Negativity. Working with the Indgo Aura High Radiance Technique can help when encountering situations that are loaded with Negative Vibrations. Indigo Aura High Radiance helps bring forth Intuition and Sacred Insights to the person working with this energy. It strengthens the Aura and acquired an Electric Charge when in contact with it. It can help those who are having trouble finding their True Spiritual Path by helping you to recognise the small inner voice that we have within ourselves but rarely listen to. When this voice is heard and honoured, you can then work with the energy to reinforce the Spiritual Message to assimilate it into your Environment. Indigo Aura High Radiance can be an excellent aid for Relationship Issues, whether they be Friendships, Co-Workers, Parent-Child, Love and so on. By working Indigo Aura High Radiance, you can become Empathic to the point of view or plight of others. 

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