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Indian Reiki - Healing & Awakening with Reiki and Master Kuthumi

Indian Reiki - Healing & Awakening with Reiki and Master Kuthumi

  • Information

    Founder: Gatot Handoko

    Year of Channelling: 2007

    Fixed Fee System: No

    Nos. Attunements: 3

    Symbols: Yes

    Prerequisite: Reiki Master


    Indian Reiki is a unique and very interesting system of energy work that teaches the Initiate about the path of Spiritual Knowledge, Harmonious Consciousness and Universal Holistic Healing. The manuals are not very long but the overall information of Indian Reiki (aka Ancient Reiki) is given through the channelling work of Gatot and Master Kuthumi. This attunement is believed to originate before the Usui Tradition introduced by Sensei Mikao but this cannot be proven and it is not any stronger or better than Reiki. Master Kuthumi is believed to have discovered the Reiki Energies during his earthly life and called it Indian Reiki. According to the founder, he believes that it was Master Kuthumi who gave the knowledge of Reiki to Sensi Usui but again this cannot be proven. Indian Reiki is to this day is still a new system which is growing every day through the teachings of each teacher and the attunement process. Through the Attunement to Indian Reiki, you will learn about the 5 Symbols which are very different to those that are taught via the Usui method. These symbols are energetically encoded into the bio-field which is then activated by intention and/or visualisation. 


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