Holy Light Vortex - Clear Negativity for Self Awareness & Grounding

  • Holy Light Vortex was channeled by Hari Winarso. 


    Holy Light Vortex is a unique attunement which acts like a Black Hole, sucking in all forms of Negative Energy so they can be purified before releasing them back into the Universal Flow. This system is especially beneficial for releasing the "tapes" of Negative Messages that are given to you by Parents, Friends or Family Members who you feel are constantly putting you down or finding something about you to moan about. This energy works to help you drop the garbage while staying in the centre of your own Joy and Happiness. For overwhelming Stress, this attunement will help you to see that nothing except that what you love and enjoy is the most imporant part of your life. Holy Light Vortex is also a very healing energy that works to sooth your auric field by clearing energetic debris from the upper Chakras so that you can embrace the higher energies of the Universe into the 2nd Chakras for greater clairty and self awareness. 

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