Higher Heart Chakra Flush - Divine Love, Compassion, Communication & Growth

  • The Higher Heart Chakra Flush was channeled in 2019 by Amanda Hadley. 


    The Higher Heart Chakra Flush has been created to connect you with the Unconditional Love that emenates from Sacred Source bringing Clearing, Balancing and a Re-Boot to your Higher Heart Chakra Centre. The Higher Heart Chakra is located between the Heart and the Throat Chakra, at the Thymus Gland. It is often called the Thymus Chakra or Etheric Heart Chakra. Whatever name it is given, its purpose is the same. Its colour association is Turquoise and Magenta and its function is to link the Higher Heart with the Throat and the Heart Chakras to bring forth your Intentions as well as linking your Emotions to the Spoken Word. It facilitates speaking from your Heart and helps you to Communicate the Truth. 


    The Higher Heart Chakra enables you to feel and express Unconditional Love for the Self and those around you. It is the Chakra that enables you to experience Empathy and a sense of Compassion for others, releasing the Ego that can make us feel Fear, Judgement and Seperation. It links us together, helping us to feel the Unity and Interconnection as a species. The Higher Heart Chakra is the centre of Divine Love and Compassion. It is associated with Patience and Forgiveness for all, ourselves included. It aids both our Verbal and Emotional Communications with others. This simple Energy Flush will help raise your Vibration to a new level of Awareness while also helping with your Spiritual Growth and your openness to the energies of Unconditional Love from Source. 

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