High Dolphin Healing Frequency - Joy, Movement, Creation, Love & Abundance

  • High Dolphin Healing Frequency was channeled in 2012 by Jalu Wasonoadi. 


    Dolphins are Light Beings that relate to the freqencies of Universal and Ocean Consciousness. They have the highest frequency of energy that we can tap into to use help us commnicate with each other. It is also believed that Dolphins used to walk on the land in Physical Reality but then returnes to the Ocean Consciousness. This is a belief that is also shared with channelings of the Atlantians where beings from Atlantis ascended to a Higher Dimensional State where they chose to remain on Earth in the form of Dolphins. High Dolphin Healing frequency is channeled to help bring the very essence of Joy, Movement, Creation, Love and Abundance into your life by opening your Heart Chakra to a new level of Awareness. The Energy serves as a bridge to ALL THAT IS and our DIVINE SELF so that you can co-create your experience with the Energy and Consciousness of the Dolphins. It is also a system that can be used to help with Psychological problems and Developmental Disabilities. Therefore, it is good for dealing with Depression as well as utalising the energies for Autism and children with Special Needs. 

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