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Golden Scroll Reiki - Manifest your Dreams, Goals & Desires

Golden Scroll Reiki - Manifest your Dreams, Goals & Desires

  • Prerequisite: None

    The Golden Scroll Reiki for Manifestation was channelled in 2008 by Stephanie Brail. 


    Golden Scroll Reiki is a very easy to use system of Reiki that helps you with Manifesting your Goals, Dreams and Desires. It works to aid you in changing these energies in 2 ways. First you are given the Spiritual Tools to help you clear all forms of Negative Energy and Blockages which are preventing you from Manifesting your Goals. Secondly the Energies will work to help you create a more Positive Thoughtform that will help you to manifest your Goals and Desires so that they can be brought into reality. 


    Please note that although this system helps you with manifestation it is not an instant fix to all of life's problems. Golden Scroll Reiki works to help clear the path for new possibilities to manifest in your life. It cannot change the will of another person or manifest money out of thin air.

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