Francis and Clare Initiation Into Divine Love - Etheric Love, Attainable Oneness

  • The Francis and Clare Initiaiton into Divine Love was channeled in 2017 by Philip Hilton 


    This new energy from Philip Hilton has been channeled directly from the Loving combined energies of Francis and Clare who have at this time chosen to bring forth the blessing of the Etheric Loving Bond of Attainable Oneness as a living tool to cut through the Mental Self-Imposed Prison of the Human Rationalised Formulation of Duality. Both Clare and Francis knew this, they understood at a Soul Level. Their love for each other was in a very real sense a Marriage of Two Hearts, Minds and Ideals. Their Love for each other was sustained by their Love of the Divine. In God they found each other and in each other there was God. 

    You will also learn about the following and much more: 


    - How that most Complex of Triunes, The Holy Trinity can be understood as a universal equation of Oneness.

    - The One Truth which all Spiritual Teachers have Agreed on. 

    - What Kenosis means and why it is Vital to a Trie Spiritula Relationship with the Divine. 

    - Why Francis has often been called a Shaman.

    - What Jesus asked and what people think he asked. 

    - The stories of Clare and Francis.