Fearless Reiki - Release from Emotional Fear and Energetic Blockages

  • Fearless Reiki was channeled in 2008 by Stephanie Brail.


    Fearless Reiki is a very simple system that consists of a Gentle, Soothing and Strengthening Energy that is activatd through your Intention or a Colour. When I activate this form of Energy muself I will more often than not use it to help someone who has an Emotional Fear Energy within their Auric Field. Through the Activation it will help to remove the blocks that this Fear has created within their Energy Field. These Negative Blocks will also be the cause of their inability to experience Happiness, Creativity and Love in their Life. Do not be deceived by the simplicity of this Attunement, it is a very powerful system that has many practical applications for Personal and Professional Healing. 

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