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Energy Vampire Protection Cloak - Intensive Spiritual Protection!

Energy Vampire Protection Cloak - Intensive Spiritual Protection!

  • Prerequisite: None

    The Energy Vampire Protection Cloak was channeled in 2017 by Amanda Hadley 


    The Energy Vampire Protection Cloak has been channeled as a simple yet very powerful system of energy work to give the user a Protective Cloak which will ensure that their energies are not drained by Energy Vampires. Energy Vampires are individuals who either intentionally or unknowingly will drain your energies when you are within their environment or simply by standing next to them. The concept of the Energy Vampire Protection Cloak came to Amanda after a particularly bad encounter with someone who left her with a severe migraine. Now while Migraines can affect anyone at anytime Amanda felt that this form of Migraine pain was different. All Healers, Lightworkers, Empaths and Hyper Sensitives are easy targets for Energetic Vampires and sometimes life can be so hectic with so many people coming and going that protective your energies can be difficult or we simply forget!. 


    Energy vampires come in all shapes and sizes, but all have one thing in common, they will leave you feeling exausted and Drained or all your energy. Energy vampires take your energy, feed off of it and often don’t even realise they are doing it. Many people have difficulty Protecting themselves when they know that the Energy Vampire is a Friend or Family Member, they will feel that to protect themselves from Family and/or Friends is