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Empowerment Reiki - Awaken your Inner Power & Divine Sacred Self!

Empowerment Reiki - Awaken your Inner Power & Divine Sacred Self!

  • Prerequisite: Reiki Master

    Empowerment Reiki was channeled in 2005 by Stephanie Brail. 


    Empowerment Reiki has been designed to help Reiki Practitoners to step into their Inner Power to remember that they are Powerful Spiritual Beings and Contributors to the Planet. The system was written by Stephanie Brail in 2005 so that it can be used as a Teaching Document so we can learn how to allow our Inner Light to Shine Brightly as the Powerful Spiritual Beings that we are, following our Life Purpose and Spiritual Path for the Highest Good of all. Ultimately, the focus of this Empowerment is on Distant Healing and Spiritual Growth. 


    Empowerment Reiki consists of 5 Attunements, Symbols and Hand Movements which need to be completed in order: 


    Level 1 

    Grounding and Centering. This Empowerment works to Ground you in the Physical World, enabling you to be in the Moment, in the Now. This helps bring abot Balance and a deep feeling of being Centred into yor Reality. Many Practitioners have problems being Grounded so this Attunement will help with this. 


    Level 2 

    Releasing Resistance - This level helps you to Release Resistance, Negative Thoughts, Emotions and Blocked Energies, enabling you to