Elemental Pentagram & Magic Circle Empowerments - Sacred & Divine Initiations

  • The Elemental Pentagram & Magic Circle Empowerment was channeled in 2007 by Anna May 


    A five-pointed star within a circle represents the five elements of nature: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. It is used to represent a Magic Circle, which acts as a protective barrier and ensures that the five elements are contained within it. This course works to balance your energy field by invoking these five elements. Many ancient peoples have used the pentagram symbol, including the Greeks, Babylonians, and Romans. The pentagram is a symbol of safety, security, power and protection of the five elements of nature preserved with the Circle of Power.


    Casting a Circle and invoking the elements are part of powerful rituals that are used for pagan and shamanic practices, healing, meditation and spell casting. The circle sets aside an area outside of time and space in order for the area to be held sacred for the duration of the work being done. The Magic Circle acts as a protective barrier, keeping out any negative influences, and also contains and preserves the energy within it.


    Manual Contents: 


    * Introduction.


    * The Pentagram.


    * The Magic Circle.


    * Earth.


    * Air.


    * Fire.


    * Water.


    * Spirit.


    * The Tanden.


    * Magic Circle as Sacred Space.


    * Magic Circle to Contain and Concentrate Power.


    * Conjuration of the Circle & Invoking Pentagrams.


    * Opening the Circle & Banishing Pentagrams.


    * Elemental Invocations.


    * Circle of Healing.


    * Simple Spells & Magic.


    * Consecrating Sacred Objects.


    * Preparation for your Empowerment.


    * Empowerment Process.


    * Facilitating Empowerments for Others. 

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