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Divine Prayer Empowerment - Healing with Prayers & Heartfelt Intentions

Divine Prayer Empowerment - Healing with Prayers & Heartfelt Intentions

  • Information

    Founder: Jay Burrell 

    Year of Channelling: 2021

    Fixed Fee System: Yes

    Nos. Attunements: 1

    Symbols: No

    Prerequisite: None 


    I believe that prayer is important in our lives, perhaps the most important part of spiritual development. It has such powerful implications for our personal and spiritual lives. It is no use developing any ability unless you have also learned about yourself as a spirit being, a part of God. When you pray, you become the prayer. We understand that the divine is an inner power, not outside of who we are. It is no use expecting an outside power to come along to give you what you have requested. But if you recognise that and become your prayer through the sincerity and depth of your thoughts, then you have the answers that you are seeking. God has to find the ways and means whereby your prayer can be answered but how does this happen? We have, through prayer and intention, opened the doors to the spirit world, bringing this other world close. Instead of being “Up there” a million miles away, we have brought it here, close to us. We have discovered a world that is ours. We belong there, we have rights which are waiting to be claimed. The more we explore this, the closer it comes. Throughout the manual, you will learn about prayer and how prayer can help you on your Spiritual Path as well as gain insight into prayers for all major religions of the world including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Paganism, and Wicca, to name just a few. 

  • You Will Receive

    * A link will be sent to you after you have purchased your distant attunement. This link will give you access to your attunement manual which can be saved straight to your computer. 


    * A thank you email will be sent on the day of your attunement purchase. This email will give you a link to my new online booking program where you can select a day and time for your attunement to be sent. {Same-day attunements are not currently available}. 


    * Your distant attunement will be sent using your chosen method of initiation {Chi ball or appointed time}.


    * A PDF certificate with a hand-signed signature and genuine lineage will be sent after you have received your distant attunement { I do not issue certificates at the same time as attunements are given} 


    * I give full spiritual support to all students before, during and after their attunements so if you have any questions or need guidance or support, please do not hesitate to email me and I will help as much as I can

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