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Dimensional Entities & Spirit Clearing Empowerment

Dimensional Entities & Spirit Clearing Empowerment



  • Information

    Founder: Jay Burrell 

    Year of Channelling: 2023

    Fixed Fee System: Yes

    Nos. Attunements: 1

    Symbols: Yes

    Prerequisite: SRHM Levels 1-3

    Discounts: The Dimensional Entities and Spirit Clearing Empowerment is excluded from all offers and discounts. 


    The Dimensional Entities & Spirit Clearing Empowerment has been channelled as an extension to the original Spirit Release Healing method 1-3 which is the prerequisite to taking this new distant attunement. The information that I bring forth through this new attunement may sound bizarre an at times unbelievable to some people but this information has been given after working with the original Spirit Release Healing for several years. It comes from my own knowledge, experiences and the spirit-release healing that I have given to clients during this time. This is a very complex attunement with many layers of study and awareness but it is given to help you to expand on your spirit release healing work to bring a better understanding of what is and what is not a true spirit attachment or entity possession.


    Within the more unconventional healing modalities and esoteric practises, there is often a reference to “entities and interference”, sometimes referred to collectively as inter-dimensional interference. But what are entities and do they exist? From my experience within the modality of energy healing and working as a Spirit Release Therapist, external forces do have the potential to impact the life of every person on earth. It would certainly simplify this work if we could place all such forces under one label, but unfortunately, it's not that straightforward. When you delve into what we are as humans, you begin to realise the complexities involved. The more you work with the Spirit Release Healing Method and this new attunement, you will begin to recognise that most of what we call entity attachments/possessions are more than likely self-created. Having said that, there can be the involvement of external influences but as a spirit release therapist, you must understand that self-created entities, attachments and possessions do occur and are more common than you think. The level of that involvement and the impact created can vary enormously. This is why through this attunement manual, I will refer to such forces as inter-dimensional interference, rather than the narrow focus on entities/demons/spirits. 


    The manual will cover subjects such as: 


    * Energy is Energy 


    * Different Types of Spiritual Attachments


    * Thought Parasites


    * Self-Created Entity Attachments


    * Inherited Entities and Interference


    * Genetic Hereditary Patterns


    * Ancestral Influences


    * Hereditary Patterns and Relationships


    * Generational Healing 


    * Integration Healing


    * How to Heal Intergenerational Trauma for Spiritual Release


    * The Life Cycle of Parasitic Entities


    * Interference from Human Spirits & Astral Passengers


    * Spiritual Attacks & Extraterrestrial Interference


    * ET Implants - Good or Bad?


    * ET/Etheric Implants & Implantation


    * Steps to Helping A Spirit Cross Over


    * Spirit/Demonic Possession in 2023


    * Possession & Psychosis


    * Cultural Beliefs and Symbols 


    * How to Work with the Energies 


    * Energy Cleansing & Spirit Release with Crystal Wands 


    * Spiritual Prayers 


    * Advanced Method for Spirit Clearing {Intention Clearing Prayers}


    * Spirit Clearing with the Angels 

  • You Will Receive

    * A link will be sent to you after you have purchased your distant attunement. This link will give you access to your attunement manual which can be saved straight to your computer. 


    * A thank you email will be sent on the day of your attunement purchase. This email will give you a link to my new online booking program where you can select a day and time for your attunement to be sent. {Same-day attunements are not currently available}. 


    * Your distant attunement will be sent using your chosen method of initiation {Chi ball or appointed time}.


    * A PDF certificate with a hand-signed signature and genuine lineage will be sent after you have received your distant attunement { I do not issue certificates at the same time as attunements are given} 


    * I give full spiritual support to all students before, during and after their attunements so if you have any questions or need guidance or support, please do not hesitate to email me and I will help as much as I can

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