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The Galactic Self Activation Level 1 - Spiritual & Psychic Awakening

The Galactic Self Activation Level 1 - Spiritual & Psychic Awakening

  • Prerequisite: The Celestial Starseed Activation

    The Galactic Self Activation Level 2 was channeled in 2013 by Jay Burrell. 


    Please note that you must be attuned to the Celestial Starseed Activation to receive this attunement. This attunement can be purchased by Clicking Here


    As the Expansion of your Awareness begins to unfold and you allow the Energies of your Galactic Self to be Assimilated into your Consciousness you will be propelled forward into creating a truly Heavenly Experience, right here, right now, within your Waking Consciousness. 


    Your Galactic-Self is the Monadic aspect of your Eternal Existance and it is through this new method of Spiritual Awakening and Expansion that you will begin to experience states of Oneness where Time and Space no longer exist in a way that you believe them to be. You will aso become more Sensitive to the Divine Presence that resides within you. As Human Beings we are now entering a stage of Galactic Awareness where the creation of Subtle yet Highly Evolved shifts in Energy are occuring on a daily basis These shifts in energy are also occuring for Mother Earth as she embarks on her own journey towards G