Mystery Mastery Levels 1-8 Package - Experience True Oneness

Mystery Mastery Levels 1-8 Package - Experience True Oneness

  • Mystery Mastery Healing was channeled by Linda White Dove. 


    Mystery Mastery is a system that teaches you how to work from an embodiment of infinite nature, how to use that which is unknown and unknowable and to enter into states of consciousness that transcend all limitations, opening your healing channel to easier and deeper results and new possibilities. Mystery Mastery is a system of deep internal energy healing that is designed for experienced healers who are also on a path of self awakening and ascension. The goal of Mystery Mastery is to help you experience and live your own Mastery. Through the simple to use instructions in advanced healing techniques, practical spiritual teachings and an embodied teaching/learning approach, you will deconstruct your thinking, experiencing yourself in new ways and having fun in the process. You will then be able to apply what you have learnt to your existing healing work and life experiences. 


    In a similar way to other forms of spiritual mastery, the Mystery Mastery Healing System requires you to enter into a place of introspection, surrendering to the unknown, creativity, unlearning, willingness to take on new perspectives. This is not a system of healing that can be learnt over a weekend, neither is it a system that will be for everyone. You must first be willing to acknowledge the ways in which you have kept yourself within a limited state of mind. You must then be willing to enter into the discomfort of this stage of progression so the energies of change can enter. 


    Deepak Chopra once said “Instead of thinking outside of the box, Get rid of the box”.


    The key to getting rid of the box that we hold ourselves in is akin to learning the secret to a magic trick. Once you learn how the illusion is perpetuated you no longer see the illusion. You only see the perpetuation. Once you see how you perpetuate the box, both the box and the perpetuation fade and you are truly free. The goal of Mystery Master level 6 is being give to assist you in how you have created and maintained the box, while also offering assistance in clearing yourself of it. This is not about positive thinking or about changing limiting belief patterns, but rather about observing and evolving your process of perceiving from one state of mind to another. 


    Mystery Mastery Attunement Assimilation Guidelines

    The following guidelines state the time that you must leave between each level of Mystery Mastery. These guidelines are set by the founder and are upheld by the Academy when we teach this system to students. This means that we will be working together for around 6 months and this is therefore reflected in the price of the package. The higher price of this system is also to reflect the Advanced Energies that you will be working with. 


    * Level 1 - Available to all

    * Level 2 - 1 month between Levels 1&2  

    * Level 3 - 1 week between levels 2&3  

    * Level 4 - 1 week between levels 3&4 

    * Level 5 - 1 month between levels 4&5 

    * Level 6 - 1 month between levels 5&6

    * Level 7 - 1 month between levels 6&7

    * Level 8 - 6 weeks between levels 7&8 


    Mystery Mastery Level 1

    Within Mystery Mastery Level 1 you will be introduced to the unique vibrational frequencies of this energy system. Level 1 helps reframe your healing abilities in the larger context of infinity. You will learn about powerful states of awareness where you can let go of all forms of limiting identifications while opening yourself (and your clients) to deeper healing that you could have imagined. Within these states of awareness you will learn that miracles can happen. 


    Mystery Mastery Level 2 

    Your 2nd initiation to Mystery Mastery which works by building upon the initial energies of the first level. Through this introduction you will learn how to work with energy from the many different states of spiritual awareness. You will also start a process of taking a quantum leap forward within your own spiritual progression.


    Mystery Mastery Level 3

    Within levels 1&2 of Mystery Mastery you learnt about freeing your perceptual processed to access and utilize all of creation, including the unknown. Level 2 focused on specific techniques for working with clients in person and via distance. Now we come to level 3. During level 3 you will further explore creation in all its depth and breadth, along with ways to use it for yourself and with clients. This level will also teach you how to begin the process of teaching Mystery Master Healing to others.


    Mystery Mastery Level 4  

    Mystery Mastery Level 4 builds upon the non resistance technique taught in levels 1-3. During level 4 you will learn about new ways in which you can use the energies of Mystery Mastery to become more aware of how the body and especially the mind can release its grip and open itself to Infinity, and the reverse process of falling into limited thinking. With this awareness you will begin to recognize when you start to move into a limited state of mind so you can then easily shift your awareness back into the infinite empowerment of the divine. 


    Mystery Mastery Level 5

    Mystery Mastery Level 5 now begins to work with an erotic form of energy. The importance of pleasure and eroticism for healing and spiritual awakening are discussed, along with everything you need to know to offer an erotic based healing session to yourself and others. This is a very special form of energy healing that can be used by couples or lovers who wish to expand their spiritual awareness about sacred spiritual sexuality. The vibrations of level 5 will also challenge and assist you in resolving any barriers to comfort and empowerment with erotic energy and pleasure. The Erotic Energy that is accessed is not just one type of energy, it is erotic energy in all its variations/intensities and flavours.


    Mystery Mastery Level 6

    Mystery Mastery Level 6 is about living in the day to day state of a true master of mysteries. You will also learn more about what Deepak Chopra meant by "Instead of thinking outside of the box, get rid of it". You will learn how you created the box while at the same time understanding how to get rid of the box. This isnt about positive thinking or changing your thought patterns, its about observing and evolving your process of perceiving. 


    Mystery Mastery Level 7

    Mystery Mastery Level 7 begins with a detailed technique that you can use to accomplish almost any form of healing task, including things that would otherwise be too complex to handle or would require training and information that you do not have. Whatever the task may be and no matter how complex it may seem, the energetic coding of MMHS 6 has been designed in such a way that you will instantly gain the connection that is needed for the task at hand. As an infinite being, you only have options and through level 7 you are taught what this option is. During your introduction to Level 7 you will also gain the teachings in how to use subtle energy to massage and stretch the body. This is particularly beneficial for anyone suffering from muscular disorders such as CFS or Fibromyalgia. You will learn how to choose one of many infinity boxes in which you can create a relaxation zone which offer you the optimum conditions in which you can quieten an over active mind, help energy flow easier, re-create the healing energy of your favourite modality which can then be used for yourself or others. Level 7 teaches you that your abilities are endless and your imagination is the key to creating your reality. Diving deeper into the systemic nature of your body as a whole, each of its parts, and even your emotional body and mental body, level 7 offers a simple way to work with the operating system to bring it back into balance and then balance it with all the other systems that it affects and is effected by. It is a simple technique that when mastered can be performed in a matter of minutes.


    Mystery Mastery Level 8 

    Mystery Mastery Level 8 goes further by introducing you to the art of self-attunement. This form of self-attunement can be used for anything, from descriptions of crystal grids, to pictures of crop circles, healing grids or other types of healing methods that you have already been attuned to. A form of self-spiritual power boost to existing energies exists within the sub vibrations of MMHS 8. You will learn how to not be locked out of any healing method or attunement despite methods that are used by many healers when they set up their attunements with expiration dates. Level 8 will also teach you how to re-connect with the Morphic fields to raise your vibration, develop intuitive skills, be more positive, deepen your awakening, gain inspiration/insight to solve problems, lucid dream and have a greater ease in learning new skills. You will even learn how to use it to attract new clients, meet new friends or work with the energy of a group to increase the results of any healing you receive for yourself, or offer to others. 


    From the founder's own words about MMHS8

    Years ago I met a very talented healer, Lightworker who could not only work on parts of my body where I held deep fear from past abuse and had a strong aversion to being touched, but his work actually felt incredible and left me wanting more. It is during your level 8 initiation that you will learn about his secret. It can be used for any form of energy work but has been specifically designed for the use in EROTIC ENERGY WORK What if your energy work could be met by your client with enhanced receptivity and allowance of healing? What if their tension could instead with the ease and flow? What if your energy could be met by their body with joy and expansiveness? All this, and much more is possible. It can even be offered via distance and combined with other Mystery Mastery techniques. 

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    * Your Distant Attunements will be sent to you after you have read through the Manual/Manuals and have asked any questions that you may have. This is to ensure that you have understood all of the information that was given to you. Your Distant Attunements will be sent to you via the Call In (Chi Ball) or Appointed Time Method. 


    * An Emailed Certificate with Hand Signed Signature and Lineage will be sent to you after you have received your Attunement. Alternatively, you can just receive the Attunement Lineage if no Certificate is required. 


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