Black Cohosh Protection & Negativity Flush - Powerful Spiritual Protection!

  • The Black Cohosh Protection & Negativity Flush was channeled by Raine & Philip Hilton. 


    The Black Cohosh Protection & Negativity Flush is a very powerful system of energetic cleansing which can be used on the self, loved ones, your home, and work, especially where other forms of protection and negativity flushing have failed. Black Cohosh also has many healing benefits, and is often used as a tincture but this isnt always suitable for situations where you are unable to obtain it physically or for when you are unable to use it, for example if you are not at home, or where other people are present who are not open to your spiritual practices. This energy system is ideal for when you have been around  people who sap your energy and strength (Psychic Vampires). You will easily recognise these individuals when you are in their company becasue when they leave you will feel an overwhelming sense of weakness, stress, anxiety, anger or even depression. It will feel as if they have sucked the very life force from you. Energetically - this can also come from lower level entities, demonic forces and other negative energy beings who feed on negative emotions and despondency. Magickally Black Cohosh can be used to repel spells, curses, hexes and other forms of negative influences from yourself and your property. 

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