Archangelic Seichim - The Original Angelic Seichim Energy

Archangelic Seichim - The Original Angelic Seichim Energy

  • Archangelic Seichim was channeled by Holli Blackwell. 


    Archangelic Seichim is the original form of Seichim that incorporates the blessings of the Angels. There have been copies of this system which have added the 999 Energies but they are not part of the original energies that were given to by the Angels. Archangelic Seichim is an attunement that works with both the Seichim/Reiki Energy and the Archangels. You can use this system when you work with a client or you can use it for your own healing progression. Archangels, like all Angels are an Intelligent Power and Personification of a specific aspect of God and the power it represents. The number of Archangels that there are varies from school to school. Some identify only Three, while others have as many as Ten or Twelve. This information is acquired from a number of sources. These include Biblical, Arabic, Kabbalist or from the Apocryphal works. An example is where the Archangel Raphael who identifies himself as one to Tobias on the Road. There are Four Archangels that are generally agreed upon that all practices and faiths seem to include. These are Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel. 


    Archangelic Seichim works with Seichim/Reiki and the 7 Archangels who stand before the Throne of the Divine. Each of the Seven represent a different aspect of the Source and so we will use them to connect you to those aspects of this Vibration. We will then continue to work with the connections to Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Jarahmeel, Raguel and Sariel. Additionally we will work with Archangel Metatron and Shekinah as a balancing force for the Mind, Body and Spirit. Lastly, Archangelic Seichim works to help bring balance to the Masculine and Feminine (Yin/Yang, Thought/Feeling) Vibrations. As you connect with them, you will use the Chakras, Colours and Attributes/Powers as a means to activate that part of the Seichim/Reiki Energy. 

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