AngelReiki Attunement - Connect with the Angels and the Source of Reiki

  • The Angel Reiki System is a developed modality for students who wish to work with the Angels while incorporating the Reiki energies and Reiki symbols. This is not the Angel Reiki modality that was founded by Kevin Core. 


    There are times when students wanted to work with the source of Reiki while incorporating the vibrations of the Angels. AngelReiki therefore combines Angels and Reiki into a beautiful and simple to use system. The Angels are incorporated into the Reiki Attnement and the Angels are called upon and requested to addist in the healing sessions that the practitioner gives after their attunement. Angels are both a manifestation of the power of God as well as the Personification of that power. Most Angels do not generally interact with Humans unless they are specifically asked. Guardian Angels are always with us, the Archangel take particlar interest in Humans and will assist and strengthen them. The AngelReiki system is one way where you can connect with the loving healing power of the Angels and with the Reiki Source Energy. AngelReiki can be studied as a stand alone system or as a compliment to traditional Reiki.


    Many students who receive this Attunement will also take the Lightarian Angellinks and Angellink Extension Programs. More information about these modalities which are somet of the highest and purest attunements which allow the Angels to work within your Etheric Background. If you are interested in the Angellinks please click on one of the links below: 


    Lightarian Angellink Program

    Lightarian Angellink Extension Programme

  • * Digital Download of your chosen Manual/Manuals.


    * Your Distant Attunement will be sent to you after you have read through the Manual/Manuals and have asked any questions that you may have. This is to ensure that you have understood all of the information that was given to you. Your Distant Attunement will be sent to you via the Call In (Chi Ball) or Appointed Time Method. 


    * An Emailed Certificate with Hand Signed Signature and Lineage will be sent to you after you have received your Attunement. Alternatively, you can just receive the Attunement Lineage if no Certificate is required. 


    * Email Support will be given during the duration of your Spiritual Training.