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Adi Shakti - Ride The Waves of Healing & Ignite Your Soul with Celestial Energy

Adi Shakti - Ride The Waves of Healing & Ignite Your Soul with Celestial Energy


This attunement does have a fixed fee but Mr Rishi Rohit Sharma has given me permission to reduce the cost for students of the Academy. 

  • Information

    Founder: Rishi Rohit Sharma

    Year of Channelling: 2023

    Fixed Fee System: Yes

    Nos. Attunements: 1

    Symbols: No

    Prerequisite: None 


    Adi Shakti is a fundamental concept in Hinduism that represents the primordial cosmic energy that pervades the universe. Often referred to as the 'Great Divine Mother' or 'Divine Feminine,' Adi Shakti is the creative force that gives birth to and nourishes all existence. Adi Shakti, explores its origins, significance, and the diverse ways it is revered across spiritual traditions. Adi Shakti is considered the ultimate source of all energies, the original power that manifests as the entire universe. The concept finds mention in ancient texts like the Rigveda, where she is praised as the mother of all gods and the ultimate reality, beyond form and manifestation. Adi Shakti is often associated with various goddesses such as Durga, Kali, Parvati, and Saraswati, each representing different facets of her energy. Adi Shakti, the primal cosmic energy, transcends religious boundaries, offering profound insights into the interconnectedness of all life. Understanding and embracing this divine feminine energy can lead to spiritual awakening, empowerment, and a deeper appreciation for the intricate web of existence. As humanity continues to explore the mysteries of the universe, the timeless wisdom of Adi Shakti serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path toward harmony, balance, and enlightenment.


    You will learn about the following and much more: 


    * Exploring the Goddesses Embodied in Adi Shakti


    * The Supreme Power of the Universe


    * The Divine Feminine


    * The Multifaceted Forms of Adi Shakti


    * The Nature of Adi Shakti


    * Adi Shakti and the Mind-Body Connection


    * Adi Shakti Mantra for Healing and Spiritual Growth


    * Unlock Your Creativity with the Adi Shakti Mantra


    * The Adi Shakti Chakra Balancing Meditation and more.

  • You Will Receive

    * A link will be sent to you after you have purchased your distant attunement. This link will give you access to your attunement manual which can be saved straight to your computer. 


    * A thank you email will be sent on the day of your attunement purchase. This email will give you a link to my new online booking program where you can select a day and time for your attunement to be sent. {Same-day attunements are not currently available}. 


    * Your distant attunement will be sent using your chosen method of initiation {Chi ball or appointed time}.


    * A PDF certificate with a hand-signed signature and genuine lineage will be sent after you have received your distant attunement { I do not issue certificates at the same time as attunements are given} 


    * I give full spiritual support to all students before, during and after their attunements so if you have any questions or need guidance or support, please do not hesitate to email me and I will help as much as I can

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