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Curiously, the concept of your inner world creating your outer reality still remains an elusive one for many people. Even after nearly 12 months full of fear creating errr....a world full of fear, a lot of people still haven't got it. And perhaps it's simply not their journey to wake up to that reality in this lifetime, which is fine. However, amongst those who have embraced the concept, less people than you might think actually walk their talk and live/create that reality. Fear has become an ever more entrenched part of the decision-making process for many people....perhaps understandably so in many ways as it is everywhere, however it is essentially very unhelpful for you. Yet, many sages take the view that as time marches on, Universal "input" becomes more and more potent and relevant, the Earth continues to evolve as a consequence, and each of us in human incarnation remains faced with an important choice of whether to evolve with it or not. As more powerful energy in the form of photonic light continues to "hit" the earth and its occupants, denser emotions naturally become more prevalent, physical symptoms in the form of aches, pains and headaches are likely to become more rife too. Simply put,more things are coming to light to be released (or held on to) so that our individual and collective consciousness can evolve...if we allow it.

Humanity has always been scheduled to have a choice at this point in time {time always having been a relatively loose concept rather than a specific date in the calendar} and the choice is what to create in terms of the frequency you are radiating out into the world, and that choice dictates the speed at which our evolution evolves {or not}. Those choices can be remaining stuck in the aches, pains and emotions that are coming to light, or it can be moving through them to solutions. Another way of saying that same thing is the quote at the start of this newsletter, or creating more of the frequency of fear or more of the frequency of love is another simple way of explaining that concept.

The possibility is definitely there for us for what is fundamentally a heart/love/feeling-based way forward and whilst I know there's nothing new here in terms of what I and others have been saying for the past few newsletters (years?), the point about what choice and path to make and take becomes more pressing almost by the day. We are in the potential process of leaving an old way of being behind and by consciously being aware of the intention-based reality in which we live, we can create and bring extra-ordinary positive changes to our own lives and those of others. In this quantum reality, what you choose to focus on and how you continue to operate in your daily existence dictates your future direction more than ever. What's is clear about fear and love is that they are much more than just emotions. Yes, they have an emotional essence, however they are really states of being, from which those decisions and choices get made that dictate your future pathes in life.

So what to do to navigate the winds of change in these times?

Keep your vibes high and stay focussed on a love-based way forward is the simple answer.

Avoid operating from a place of fear!! Be very mindful of where you focus your intention and your attention i.e. on what you want to energise and take good care about all aspects of what you ingest.

Solutions - the same old solutions to keep your vibes high work best SO LONG AS you do them, and stick with them. One of the great difficulties at this time of planetary transition is that it is easier to get mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually run down. It might at times feel much simpler to opt for seemingly effortless choices of lethargy and apathy, however at this stage in the game those may well leave you in a place where you don't want to be... So....

- Acknowledge that you are energy and live your life around that principle

- Meditate (or similar)

- Choose to focus on the positive

- Use hypnosis to make changes

- Make affirmations and stick with them

- Use chanting / sound healing

- Yoga/pilates for your body

- Carry around high vibe crystals

- Hang with high-vibe people

- Stop watching cr*p on TV (that doesn't mean dont watch TV btw)

- Actively practise gratitude

- Focus on solutions rather problems

- Avoid judging others (they are what they are)

- Learn to discern between truth and falsehoods

- Avoid making decisions based on fear

- Avoid doing things just because you feel pressured by others - be you!

- Be more mindful of what you eat (eat food that resonates!)

- Stop eating sugar (see below)

Keep your vibes high and youcan create a VERY bright future

the choice is yours!

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