When you Don't Feel the Energy

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Are you someone who wonders if they have done something wrong because you dont feel the Reiki energies when you self heal, receive an attunement or a distant healing session. Do you question that you might be doing something wrong, that you are not spiritual enough or that Reiki isn't strong enough for you. A more serious concern that some people have is that they have somehow broken their connection with Reiki to flow or they were not properly attuned.

The one thing that we must all remember is that Reiki flows differently for each person. It doesn't flow the same way through the same person all the time. It might change from day to day as you perform self healings or if you accept distant attunements. At the other end of the spectrum, Reiki might flow in a consistent way for a period of months or even years but then you will feel nothing for a long period of time. There is really no right or wrong way for Reiki to flow. It will flow where it is needed whether you feel it or not. It will also flow with a strength that is in alignment with your higher self and your spiritual path at that particular time. When we expect it to flow as we are prepared for it to, we are not allowing it to do its job. We have to remember that Reiki has its own intelligence and it doesn't need us to tell it how it is supposed to function. When we do, we create blocks for the energy which result in a sense of not feeling.

One thing that can help you to understand how Reiki flows through you, as well as helping you to know and adjust to the many different ways Reiki can feel as it flows is to make sure you are practicing self healing every day. This not only helps you to better understand the Reiki energy as it works with and through you, it helps you to see for yourself that it is working, even when you can’t feel it! Do your best to fit in at least ten minutes of self healing each day and place a hand on yourself whenever you are watching TV or a movie, browsing the internet, reading, etc. This allows Reiki to flow through you as you go through the day.

You will notice that Reiki adjusts itself to suit your current needs. It flows differently, even in different areas when you self heal. If you don’t feel energy flowing, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t. It is simply flowing in a more subtle way for you. It may be so subtle that you are not able to notice or feel it. Similarly, some people will report that they don’t notice any sensation during their healing/attunement sessions. Don’t be concerned by this. Pay more attention to what the Reiki does after the session. There are some Reiki practitioners, Spiritual Teachers and Spiritual Seekers who say that they have never felt the Reiki energy moving through them at all. However, when they practice regularly, most of them say they do see that the Reiki has a definite effect on their life, so they soon stop doubting it and relax. Again, regular practice seems to be the key.

I have heard of a few who never felt the energy and also didn’t feel comfortable with their original attunement or subsequent attunements to Reiki or the many other healing systems that are available to us at this time. This can create a huge block and that block can cause problems. Regardless of this feeling or these thoughts, if you worry or try to force the flow of Reiki in your life, you are simply creating a blockage that will grow and grow, the more you worry and the more you try to force the energies. For some people, being re-attuned to Reiki clears this blockage and they start to feel the energies flowing again. There is also no harm in getting re-attuned to the energies if you feel that this will help you to re-connect with the energies.

When I say that you can be re-attuned, this isn't to say that your previous attunement didn't work. A re-attunement sometimes subconsciously helps the person to re-awaken their inner ability to connect with the Reiki energies. It acts as a spiritual booster for them. The main key here is to STOP WORRYING! Not feeling Reiki isn't the end of the world and it never means that you were not attuned or you are doing something wrong. At the end of the day, some people will feel the Reiki energy and others won't. If you are someone who doesn't feel the energies during a healing session or an attunement, this simply might mean that the energies are going to work in your etheric background and that this is your way of working with them. In time, this might change but it might not and that's ok. When you stop worrying and you simply allow yourself to be at one with the Reiki energy, you will see the changes that it can bring into your life. This might take months or even years but you will see them.

Trust in your abilities and trust in Reiki for it will never let you down.

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