The Secret Of Manifestation

If you are like me and you’re interested in the holistic arena and read a lot on this topic, you will no doubt see many workshops, courses and other sorts of programmes that address the idea of manifestation. Often these ads and even attunements will relate to abundance and money or sometimes relationships and love and other popular areas that many people are keen to address in their lives.

I have a golden rule when I look at things of this nature and that’s if those programmes are not addressing the root cause of the problem, then they’re probably not worth my time to read any more and they’re unlikely to be worth any kind of financial investment on my part. This is why I do not offer many attunements through the academy which solely rely on abundance. Now, don’t get me wrong. All of these programmes are going to offer ideas that can help you to raise your energy, your  vibration while making you feel better about yourself, and that will probably mean that you attract new and better things into your life, for a while at least.

I recently read an email which had the headline “What if I told you that receiving more financial abundance was as easy as relaxing? ” Sounds pretty good, and it’s definitely true, however it’s only a small part of the truth.

When you consistently create an imagination (visually, kinaesthetically or however your inner senses work for you) then you are essentially programming your subconscious mind. The subconscious accepts both reality and imagined reality as fact, so you can use your imagination (or visualise if you prefer) the manifestation you’d like to bring into being in your life. I could go on with a list of tips and techniques that are very helpful to the manifestation process, for all of these things work and are helpful BUT I’d be drifting away from the point of this blog post which is about the Secret of Manifestation and that of course is the subconscious mind itself. If the subconscious is holding a pattern that says NO to manifestation, then you can do all the YES, positive things you like, the manifestation is either unlikely to happen or it will be short-lived.

To illustrate the point, I knew someone once who had extremely low self-confidence. If you asked him what was good about his life, or what things he was good at, he didn't have the ability to come up with anything. The reality was there were a number of things that he was really good at; he ran his own business and had pulled it out of a sticky swamp when he inherited it from a family member, he was smart and nice, he was good company etc etc BUT you could tell him any or all of these things and his eyes would glaze over and he wouldn’t hear you because deep down in the subconscious he didn’t think he was good enough. The same principle applies to manifestation, you can do all of the yes work BUT if there’s a conscious or subconscious programme that’s saying something to the contrary then things won't flow and abundance wont manifest within your life.

In reality, the Secret of Manifestation is simple – it is to clear out the relevant blocks in the subconscious and allow things to flow. Whether you choose to call this the subconscious, the Soul or your energy field it is essentially the same thing. No one else can do that for you, whoever they are. Your Soul; Your Work. Sometimes you have to find out what the event in question is in our Soul history so you can dismantle the story and sometimes you can tackle it at an energetic level, like changing a belief or similar. Both will work. Your Soul is well aware of what’s sitting in your subconscious and it doesn’t want your life to be a pain in the backside; however it does want you to get off that same backside and do something to help your life flow and learn a few Soul lessons along the way. That’s the true Secret of Manifestation – authentic engagement with the Soul. THEN, keep on doing all the other stuff, like the visualisation and the gratitude, and its impact is likely to be that bit more profound.

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