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The Rays of the Ascended Masters

Each time we incarnate, the soul incarnates on one of the Rays of Incarnation. The soul has a colour and this colour is also the same as the Rays of Ascension and Rays of the Masters. For example, the 7th Ray souls have a violet soul colour. During my work as a Spiritual Teacher, I have realised that the Rays have variations according to the master of each person. I have found that not only can we identify the Ascended Master Teacher with each person by seeing and knowing the Master, but we can also identify their soul colour and their ascension ray colour. The soul colour varies only slightly between each person, i.e. brightness, depth, luminescence, etc., and this is due to their level of Ascension. Some Masters are linked with more than one ray colour; for example, Hilarion has two ray colours he is linked to within the Fifth Ray - green and orange. So, if Hilarion walks with you, you will have one of these colours. Each colour has a different meaning.

Important Notice: The colours are the Ascension Rays/Soul Rays of the Masters, they are not the Aura Colours of the Masters.

The 1st Ray - The Blue Ray of Gods' Will & Power

El Morya




St John the Baptist

The 2nd Ray - The Yellow Ray of Wisdom




Master Lanto

Lao Tze

The 3rd Ray - The Pink Ray of Unconditional Love

Kuan Yin

Mary Magdalene

Mother Mary

The 4th Ray - The White Ray of Harmony

Serapis Bey


The 5th Ray - The Green/Orange Ray of Healing, Knowledge & Truth





The 6th Ray - The Ruby, Gold & Purple Ray of Devotion and the Goddess



Lady Nada

Pallas Athena

Lady Portia

The 7th Ray - the Violet Ray of Transmutation

St Germain

The 8th Ray - The Rainbow Rays of Integration and Transformation

White Tara


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