The Reiki Principles

Updated: Oct 29, 2019


So what is the importance of the Reiki Principles? Many people change the Reiki Principles and the wording to something that suits their spiritual path. However these original Principles are still taught today and each one has an important significance so below you will find my interpretation of the Reiki Principles.


Anger is simply a toxic vibrational energy for the Mind, Body and spirit. A byproduct of being attuned to Reiki is that your thoughts and conscious intentions are amplified and empowered. This occurs because your Chakras are expanded, cleared and aligned which allows them to manifest every thought or action that you perform in your day to day life so while the energy of Reiki itself will do no wrong, your ability to express your own Negative states of being can and usually will be amplified as a result of the Reiki Attunement. Anger therefore, should you choose to express it, will be energetically far more powerful after an Attunement than it was before so when you fill your Energy Field with the energy of Anger, Anger is returned to you in the form of the people and situations that incite more Anger to be expressed within you.


Worry is another very toxic vibration which affects the state of mind. With opened Chakras, the energy of worry is amplified and intensified should you choose to express it. As it the case with any of your other Negative states that you choose to reinforce. An important part of Reiki is meditation and being entered, calm and aware of the present moment. When you worry, you channel Negative energy towards whatever you focus your worry on. This is turn will have a drastic effect upon your life following your Chakra awakening via the Reiki Attunement or any other distant Attunement that you choose to accept into your life.


When you are thankful for all that you have received you open your Heart Chakra to the abundant blessings that the Universe offers you. When you focus on what you do not have, you will never find true inner peace because there will always be something new that you will want! Being thankful helps to focus your mind into a deeper state of Conscious Awareness which is that of the Spiritual Path you have chosen to walk. It also helps you to understand the lessons that come your way so you can be more present and aware of the messages those lessons carry. Being thankful also ensures you flow through life while creating minimal resistance to those lessons which help you analyse the deeper spiritual meaning of your life experiences.


When Mikao Usui spoke about endeavouring your work, he was not referring to doing well in your Career! He was speaking of working towards achieving your ultimate work which is achieving awareness of the life purpose you came here to realise. Your spiritual purpose, your destiny and the path you came here to become aware of. This is what endeavouring your work truly means.


An important spiritual principle in all of the worlds religions and spiritual paths is to be kind towards others. When you show kindness towards others you are using your energy in the way you are supposed to use it. This is to help elevate others towards achieving positive self-growth and spiritual development. When you give your energy to help others express the Light within them, the Universe helps you in return. This is the simple principle of the "Law of Attraction". Being a positive expression for the Universe improves everyone and everything. Being a negative expression is not something the Universe and Sacred Source/God/Spirit has a will to reinforce in you.


Tame your mind!. Strive to be aware of your thoughts every second of every day. How you think, speak and act to yourself is the language you use to express yourself at all times and is the language of light that others will see in you. All these forms of energy will be amplified, either by Source/God or by yourself. Reiki works to empower every positive aspect of your being. However your opened Chakras will also amplify your negative expressions should you choose to express them so always be mindful of how you express your words, actions and deeds.

At the core of the Reiki Principles are the means to achieve Balance, Peace and Calmness in your Mind, Body and Spirit. Each aspect will help you to express the positive aspects of yourself while ensuring the negative parts remain still and absent within your mind. As you open ip and become more powerful, which is what Reiki will do for you, this degree of self-control and self-mastery becomes all the more important as you advance on your spiritual path.

If you would like to learn more about what it means to become a Reiki Practitioner and to apply these principles to your daily life please CLICK HERE to read more about how to receive the Spiritual Training in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho or Usui Teate Reiki.

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