The Need For Change

The Need for Humanity to Change is Now.

With all of our technological advances over the past decade it is a wonder why our concern with Gaia hasn't evolved with us. There are many who have take it upon themselves to change their habits, many who have become more eco-friendly, many who have become greener but until we all join in it is never going to be enough and our beautiful planet will continue to suffer. The majority of us have become so overly concerned with money, work, homes and other worldly possessions that we have forgotten about the very thing that gives us a home and our connection with it. We need to pull it together.

It isnt hard to see that the world is a living, breathing, sentient being, that it is constantly giving and renewing what we all need to survive but because of our choices and as a result of our actions, it is getting hard for our planet to provide the things we all need to survive. Clean water, clean air, and food all seem to be something we take for granted. We treat it as if it’s always going to be there for us – when in reality, there are already so many without. We have forgotten that we are all connected, very deeply, to each other and Gaia. Humanity holds within itself a great power that can bring about change, and we are very much the only ones that can bring things back into balance. We are the only ones that can make things right again.

So why isn’t humanity changing? The answer is quite simple – but at the same time very sad. WE DO NOT WANT TO. Although individually some of us may think to ourselves about how we would like to make a difference; Collectively, humanity is quite comfortable with the way things are going, otherwise we would have changed a long time ago! The truth is the majority of us are either too busy, too lazy or too unwilling to give up any of our luxuries to make real change a possibility. As an intelligent species, we believe we were designed to be caretakers of this planet we call home. Instead, we have contributed to the extinction of countless species and are still actively destroying habitats to this day. Tearing down forests, fighting wars, and fighting each other all in the name of luxury.

Our choice is simple really. Only collectively can we make it happen. Evolve into the responsible caretakers we were meant to be, or watch our blessed Mother Earth perish and ourselves along with it. I can not say for certain that we have the power to completely destroy this planet (planets can be very resourceful when they need to be) or all of the life that inhabits her, but I do know that if a core change is not made within the heart of humanity we will not survive. This can actually be seen with the current Coronavirus pandemic. Some say that this was man made and some say it was the transference of disease from animal to human but at the end of the day, this is Mother Earth giving us a wake up call to get our acts together. Mother Earth will ultimately do what she needs to do to protect herself and if this means that she needs to create a virus that destroys lives then she will continue to do this until we wake up to the realisation that we cannot continue to live the way that we have lived for so many years.

We are all family… We are all here sharing this planet and the moment to decide is NOW. Together let’s work to make the right choice!

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