The Keys To Ascension

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Whether you call it ascension, enlightenment or transcendence it all means the same thing: being inexplicably draw to experience a state of being beyond the limits of physical perception. In the modern era, it undoubtedly means the convergence of cutting edge science with the wisdom of the ages. This is why it is important to realise that we are not limited to the body. We are spiritual and divine beings, just now awakening to our potential. To embrace that awakening, one must learn to reach out to this other world and gain perception of it through tools like divination and manifestation. Divination allows you to gain spiritual information beyond physical means, manifestation allows you to enact change in the physical through spiritual means.

Being Conscious

Consciousness is important … being aware of your state and working to expand the limits of consciousness beyond the limits of the physical world. A long-tested way of expanding consciousness is through regular spiritual practice. This is found with Buddhism, Hinduism, and even esoteric Christianity. The religious doctrine is less important than the discipline of working with the mind and your ability to perceive. The pursuit of ascension tends to initially be the pursuit of knowledge and becomes experiential. Sacred sciences through the ages have tinkered with the connection of consciousness with the material world. Thus we begin to form a bridge between Alchemy and Quantum Theory.

Bumps in the Road

It is important to know that this growth is not linear. There will be setbacks. You may even experience a moment when everything becomes clear, then suddenly that moment fades. As you progress, those moments of clarity will become more stable and last longer. However, there will be times where the struggle to reach clarity seems unbearable. It is all part of the process. The only real danger is in finding answers. The moment you are certain you know something is the moment you have strayed from the path. Remember, every new understanding is merely a doorway that leads to even greater mysteries. When you have answers, the journey ceases; when you have more questions, the horizons fade and a world of infinite possibilities unfold before you. Perhaps this journey is merely learning how to ask a better question, rather than finding a better answer.

The Keys of Ascension

This list is not meant to represent an exclusive path. It is only presented as a primer; a tool to help you to begin or augment your journey.

* The Great Work: unlocking the origin of ascension practice by exploring ancient wisdom

* Sacred Geometry: discovering the sacred within the patterns and ratios, such as The Flower of Life, found throughout all of existence

* Sacred Sciences: exploring the vital essence of all life to discover the sacred within all things

* Spiritual Practice: this enables you to connect with the subtle essence of your true being, which is a reflection of the divine

* Expanding Consciousness: by learning new ways to see the world, you discover your intricate connection with all things spiritual and physical

* Developing Connections: divination and manifestation are two effective ways to bridge the divine and the mundane into unity

* Transcendence: by understanding what ascension really is, and where the journey leads, you realize that you are on an infinite road of self-discovery and evolution

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