Stay True To Yourself!

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

As a young adult who was trying to take on the responsibilities of everyone around me, I came to learn that in order for me to be able to feel truly confident I needed to stay completely focused on living my own life with truth and integrity. This understanding then led me to be true to my work and to be true to my own calling in life which was to be the best spiritual teacher that I could be and to help those who came to me for spiritual guidance and holistic support. In doing too, provided me with the confidence to handle all of the situations I was faced with. It also gave me the courage to make the right choices, even in those situations where it meant going against others who would known me down for doing so. And the more I stayed true to myself and did the right things, the stronger my confidence grew.

Those experiences taught me that in order to have confidence and in order to see that confidence grow, it required that life be lived with absolute commitment to upholding integrity:

“Complete and constant integrity is a great law of human conduct. There need to be some absolutes in life. There are some things that should not ever be done, some lines that should never be crossed, vows that should never be broken, words that should never be spoken, and thoughts that should never be entertained.”– James E. Faust

There were times in my life and on my spiritual path when I felt things were getting too difficult to bear, but I had the peace of knowing I was doing my best to stay true, and somehow that sustained me through all the hardship and the difficult times that I faced. Over the years it seems the number of situations I encounter where I need to be willing to stand up for what’s right have increased along with the number of arrows shot at me when I do so. A lot of these shots have actually been directed towards me by spiritual teachers who for one reason or another have tried to belittle me, discredit me, abuse me or use my name against me but at the same time I have also found that the number of people willing to stand alongside me to defend what is right has increased along with their willingness to help defend against any incoming arrows. I feel incredibly blessed to have so many truly honourable and caring people in my life.

“An honourable man or woman is one who is truthful; free from deceit; above cheating, lying or any form of deception. An honorable man or woman is one who learns early that one cannot do wrong and feel right. A man’s [or a woman’s] character is judged on how he [or she] keeps their word and their agreements.” Confidence comes from staying true to yourself, and peace of mind comes when you have the ability at the end of each day to let God know that you’ve done all you could to be true to who you are!

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