Spirit Release Therapy

As part of my Spiritual Work I am quite often called upon to help those who feel that they are a victim of a Spiritual/Psychic Attack. This Attach can either be a result of another person intentionally casing a Spell of another form of Magical working against them or it can simply be a result of an Astral Attack where the individual is subjected to Negative Spiritual Energy that has either been picked up from their surroundings or it has come directly from the lower vibrations of the Astral Realms. On occasions an Astral Attack can also be the result of Dark/Black Magic where the practitioner has the ability to enter the Lower Astral Realms where they ask for Lower Vibration Entities/Demons to do their Bidding. This is called Necromancy or Demonology. These Attacks will ultimately cause a magnitude of Energetic Symptoms and/or situations to occur within the life of the person being Attacked and will need to be cleared straight away before it results in actual Mental and/or Physical Harm. Through my work as a Spirit Release Therapist and with the assistance of my Spirit Guide "Rakesh" I have created a trilogy of teaching manuals with distant attunements that energetically prepare you to take on this very important vocation as a spiritual healer. It is not something that will call to everybody but for those who do feel guided to become a Spirit Release Therapist/Minister then this is for you. You will be taught how to recognise the symptoms of a real Psychic Attack, Magical Workings or Entity Attachment so you can gain the Spiritual Tools to combat these Entities to bring Relief and sometimes Life Changing Benefits to the individual being Healed. You will also learn about Spiritual Exorcism and the sacred Rite that is used to drive out demonic forces from someone who is under Spiritual Attack or has been Possessed. The general assumption and a misunderstanding is that people believe that only the Catholic Church can perform Exorcisms which has led to hundreds of individuals suffering at the hands of negative forces and demonic attachments. There are individuals within all faiths around the world who perform Exorcisms, including the New Age community. Within the courses that I have channeled, I have mainly focused on the Christian form of Exorcism within the 2nd degree because this is my own belief system but quite recently I have been blessed with channeling a 3rd degree to the Spirit Release Therapy Trilogy which teaches those with faith and those without how to bring relief to a client who is under a negative attach or spiritual attachment.

Within the 3rd and final Spirit Release Therapy manual you will learn about the following and so much more:

* History / Modern / Secular & Religious.

* Science / Metaphisics / Spirits.

* Types of Spirits.

* Spirits Not Requiring Releasement.

* Spirits Requiring Releasement.

* The Car Metaphor.

* Spirit Communication.

* Session Preparation & The Types of SRT Sessions.

* Why offer SRT (Spirit Release Therapy).

* Indications and Issues for a SRT Session.

* The Client Interview/Consultation.

* Contra-indications For SRT Sessions.

* Progressive Relaxation Induction.

* SRT Re-Entry.

* Discover Attached Spirits.

* Protection.

* Protection Tools.

* Identifying the types of Attached Spirits.

* Interviews with Earthbound Spirits (EBS).

* Release Earthbound Spirits - Simplest Version.

* Release Earthbound Spirits - Complex Versions.

* Earthbound Spirits - Reasons For Attachment.

* Regress Earth Bound Spirits to Go Into The Light.

* Identifying Dark Force Entities (DFEs).

* Understanding Dark Force Entities (DFEs).

* Engage DFEs in Discussion.

* How DFEs Attach To Clients.

* Regress To The Cause Of DFE Attachment.

* Release The Dark Force Entity (DFE) Attachment.

* DFEs - Immediate Releasement.

* Spirits of Light. The Three Deceptions.

* Guided Imagery Of Light.

* Ongoing Therapy.

* Extraterrestrials (ETs).

* Release ETs: Simple.

* Release ETs: Complex.

* Release ETs: Complex - Spiritual Evolvers.

* Release ETs: Complex - Information Gatherers.

* Release ETs: Complex - Disrupters.

* Disruptive Monitoring, or Attachment?.

* Compassion, Karma.

* ETs with DFE Attachments.

* ETs - Formal Releasement.

* Starting SRT Sessions Intentionally.

Please Note: The Spirit Release Healing Method is not a system for the Faint of Heart or for someone to simply add another notch to their ever growing list of Attunements. It is also not something to be taken on lightly and it is only for those who are serious about helping others through the act of Spirit Release Deliverance Healing. Every student who takes this Attunement will be listed on an authorised Registration page via the Academy website. If you are not comfortable with this for of healing or having your name listed on a registered teachers page then please do not purchase the attunements. The methods that I have given to perform this form of Healing is to be done as directed within the manual. There are to be no alterations or substitutes to this method. You must also be weary of manuals that people write which contain a couple of pages and a symbol where they state that this will drive the evil from a person. I have worked with such systems and have found them to be dangerous and unhealthy to both the client and the therapist.

If you would like to learn more about how to become a Spirit Release Therapist/Minister Please CLICK HERE to open a new page where you can read all about each degree of the Spirit Release Therapist Training Program.

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