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As part of my Spiritual Work I am quite often called upon to help those who feel that they are a victim of a Spiritual/Psychic Attack. This Attack can either be a result of another person intentionally causing psychic harm by ill intend or they can be casting a spell or other form of magical workings against the individual. As a result of this, an astral attack and at times astral possession takes over so the subject of the attack is subjected to negative spiritual energy that is either picked up from their surroundings or as previously mentioned, it has been cast upon them by another person. I have been in this line of work as a spiritual teacher and healer for far too long to now be contacted by clients and students who have suffered from this serious form of spiritual abuse because this is what it is, intentionally psychic attacks from one person to another is pure and simply spiritual rape! The victim is subjected to adverse energy patterns from another person whether known or unknown which results in them feeling victimised, abused, violated which all results in spiritual rape. This is a form of abuse that is not spoken of much within the spiritual community because it is not something that people feel comfortable addressing but due to being a Spirit Release Healing Practitioner I am not afraid to speak out and to address this ever increasing form of psychic abuse. I have also been the victim of such attacks and was recently involved in helping a client who was under severe spiritual attack which left me battered, bruised and covered in scratches and bite marks all over my arms and legs due to the seriousness of the astral entity that this person was being victimised by through the evil intend of someone who they thought was a friend. This was not created by black magic or negative rituals, this was the result of pure and simple negative statements, lies and false blog posts that the attacker had written about them to fill their own ego and vanity while making others feel sorry for them when in actuality, they were the one who was spiritually raping my client.

On occasions an spiritual attack can also be the result of dark/black magic where the practitioner has the ability to cast energies from the lower astral realms where they will ask for a lower astral being to do their bidding. 9 times out of 10, this results from Necomancy but it can also be a result of plain and simple negative intentions that they send out to another person. These attacks will ultimately cause a magnitude of energetic symptoms or situations to occur for the person being attacked and will need to be cleared straight away in order for them to not continue to the point where the victim begins to suffer with mental, emotional or physical harm. I have been in contact with many clients who have lived with these attacks that lasted for many years and have led them to feeling suicidal but thankfully due to this new form of healing and the help of a spirit release practitioner, they have been able to bring relief to the person who is at the receiving end of such vicious and vile attacks. Through my work as a Spirit Release Healing Practitioner/Therapist and with the assistance of my guide "Rakesh", I have created a trilogy of teaching manuals that will give you the knowledge and energetic teachings in order fo you to help those who come to you for this form of healing. Being a Spirit Release Healer/Practitioner is not something that will call to everyone but for those who do feel guided to work in this field it is a life changing experience to be able to help someone to be freed from these dark astral entities as well as releasing them from any entity attachment and spiritual possession which is caused by the attack.

Being a Spirit Release Healing Practitioner is not a system for the faint of heart or for someone who simply wants to add another notch to their ever growing list of attunements that they simply want to pass onto others to make money. This in itself is a form of spiritual abuse where they are taking their students money to simply make money and not to help them to expand their consciousness into this area of spirituality. It is also something that is not to be taken on lightly because 9 times out of 10, when you help someone who is suffering from a spiritual attack whether it stems from the lower astral realms or another persons negative intentions, you will become a victim of the attack yourself so you need to make sure you have all of the tools to not only protect yourself but to also protect your client/student. Due to this, I have created an authorised teachers page on the Academy where you can find teachers and healers of this form of advanced healing. This is not to say that the many other Spirit Release Healers/Practitioners out there are not genuine. Many of them are but I wanted to make sure that anyone who comes to the Academy for this help will have a directory to ensure that what they receive is a genuine teaching that has come to us directly from spirit. The methods that I give within the Spirit Release Healing Method Trilogy have been tried and tested for many years to ensure that they are pure and honest. You must always be weary of manuals or booklets that people have written which only contain a few pages of information and maybe a symbol which state that their energies will drive evil from a person. I have worked with and investigated most of these systems and have found them to be dangerous and unhealthy because they do not actually offer the help that they promise which can be dangerous for the person using the energy or the individual they are trying to help. The Spirit Release Healing Method is one of the very few to actually have positive results and it is the one system that has been tried and tested over many years by both myself and other teachers to ensure that what you receive within the manual will not only help you to help others but it will also empower you to help yourself if you are taking these energies to help yourself to overcome a spiritual attack.

Within the 3rd and final Spirit Release Therapy manual you will learn about the following and so much more:

* History / Modern / Secular & Religious.

* Science / Metaphisics / Spirits.

* Types of Spirits.

* Spirits Not Requiring Releasement.

* Spirits Requiring Releasement.

* The Car Metaphor.

* Spirit Communication.

* Session Preparation & The Types of SRT Sessions.

* Why offer SRT (Spirit Release Therapy).

* Indications and Issues for a SRT Session.

* The Client Interview/Consultation.

* Contra-indications For SRT Sessions.

* Progressive Relaxation Induction.

* SRT Re-Entry.

* Discover Attached Spirits.

* Protection.

* Protection Tools.

* Identifying the types of Attached Spirits.

* Interviews with Earthbound Spirits (EBS).

* Release Earthbound Spirits - Simplest Version.

* Release Earthbound Spirits - Complex Versions.

* Earthbound Spirits - Reasons For Attachment.

* Regress Earth Bound Spirits to Go Into The Light.

* Identifying Dark Force Entities (DFEs).

* Understanding Dark Force Entities (DFEs).

* Engage DFEs in Discussion.

* How DFEs Attach To Clients.

* Regress To The Cause Of DFE Attachment.

* Release The Dark Force Entity (DFE) Attachment.

* DFEs - Immediate Releasement.

* Spirits of Light. The Three Deceptions.

* Guided Imagery Of Light.

* Ongoing Therapy.

* Extraterrestrials (ETs).

* Release ETs: Simple.

* Release ETs: Complex.

* Release ETs: Complex - Spiritual Evolvers.

* Release ETs: Complex - Information Gatherers.

* Release ETs: Complex - Disrupters.

* Disruptive Monitoring, or Attachment?.

* Compassion, Karma.

* ETs with DFE Attachments.

* ETs - Formal Releasement.

* Starting SRT Sessions Intentionally.

If you would like to learn more about how to become a Spirit Release Therapist/Minister Please click on one of the links below to be taken to each of the 3 levels within this trilogy of healing.

* Spirit Release Healing Method Level 1 - Spiritual Protection from Astral Entities

* Spirit Release Healing Method Level 2 - Possession & Exorcism Healing

* Spirit Release Healing Method Level 3 - Earthbound Spirit & Dark Force Entity Healing

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