Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls - How It Works

Self Healing with Crystal Bowls - Myth or Reality?

Yes, we are dealing here with the use of singing bowls as an aid in the self-healing experience. Self healing through crystal bowls seems a little mysterious doesn't it. Perhaps we should experiment with a new paradigm. Before evoking the question of healing, let’s imagine fully living who we are and feeling the teeming life which drives us. Feeling gratitude, feeling sufficiently content.

Today I want to offer you 3 keys to painting your life with sound.

1st Key to Self Healing - Space and Time

To create self-healing, we can mentally leave the common notion of Space/Time, because in the universe that is us, something is linked to the instantaneous. What is it?

This is called Non Local Correlation

That is to say, living organisms, such as our cells, do not only relate to each other by exchanging energy and information cell-to-cell. They also relate in a non-local manner (quantum correlation). Each of our 100 trillion cells instantaneously enters into correlation with the others! Thus, Consciousness is everywhere. Why do I speak of Consciousness? Because Consciousness is not a brain function! It is everywhere, in each of your body's cells. And each cell in your body is correlated to every other cell and the whole living being! In fact, ‘everything works as an integrated, non-local system’ (D. Chopra). Non local means out of space and time. It may seem a little enigmatic at first...and yet we have inner knowledge of this experience. When the notion of time unravels and smooths out...

How Does It Happen?

When we rest, lying on the ground and close our eyes, the waves emitted by the crystal singing bowls place the brain into an alpha wave cycle (8/13 Hz) and it is here that we deeply relax. Little by little, our heart beat slows down, our blood pressure decreases and our muscles relax...what happens in this state of being where we are calm and relaxed? We are experimenting with timelessness! A state which instantly transforms our relation to time. What about the notion of space? The idea of here and there now becomes non-existent. In fact, the vibratory sounds in quartz bowls are truly dynamic and multi-directional. When we simply focus our attention on the spiral of their sound we leave the illusion of physical immobility or rigid determinism. The consciousness of the physical body expands. We are everywhere and in movement. This is astonishing to observe from the inside. In the 19th century, we believed that everything that was heavier than air could never fly. Two centuries later, the A380 can transport over 800 passengers and the cargo version can carry up to 150 tonnes. We still have a mechanical and normative vision today of the body and the world in general. We still believe the body is a container, that of the Spirit or the soul...we still believe that the body functions like a machine. A cause here/an effect here. A cause there/an effect there. By extension, we believe that the world also functions this way. This is a mistake! Self-healing forces us to change our perception of the world! Remember the butterfly effect or the theory of the hundredth monkey...yes, we are all interconnected! Nothing, absolutely nothing, is separate. Neither the body, nor the mind, nor the heart, not the soul, nor the ecosystem we belong to.

Everything Is Linked!

If the ecosystem is ill, I am ill. If I am ill, the ecosystem is ill. This ‘ALL’ I am speaking of is dynamic. Nothing in the Universe is fixed. Your body exchanges with all elements and all forces of the Universe (breathing, feeding, metabolism, elimination, etc.). Even more surprising, Deepak Chopra tells us that it is possible to carry out radio-isotopic studies and demonstrate that you possess sub-atomic particles, millions of atoms that once were in the body of Buddha, Jesus or whoever you wish...

How Is This Explained?

In the last 3 weeks, a quadrillion atoms have passed through you and all the living creatures of this planet! Imagine an elephant in Africa, a panda in the People’s Republic of China, a tree in the Amazon, a taxi driver in the USA, a tulip in Holland you have ‘things’ in your body that were elsewhere less than a month ago. Not forgetting that a year ago, you didn’t even have the same body. It’s the truth! 98% of the molecular matter of your body has been renewed, except for collagen and cartilage, which has a a slightly longer cycle. You have a new liver in 6 weeks, new skin each month, the lining of your stomach is renewed every 5 days and after a year (on each birthday), you are almost another person. If you think you are just a body, you have a very serious problem to solve (which one are you talking about?)! Do you see the idea? Self-healing cannot come about without a deep and radical change in our relation to the body, from the machine body to the living body.

The Problem of Dualistic Thinking

With Descartes-thinking of ‘I think, therefore I am’, we certainly create divisions that are not there! The mind on one side, the body on another, the ecosystem or environment on another, etc., and then we spend hundreds of years determining what binds them or connects them. Everything is interconnected and interwoven! Quantum correlation and intricacy (morphic fields)! This means that my thoughts, emotions and feelings influence yours, not that they manipulate you, but that we are all linked to one another. Buddha was right, there is no separate spirit! So, where is my spirit? Where is your spirit? Our spirits are interwoven, our bodies are interwoven because the spirit is not separate from the body. So, who am I? Who are you? How does it work?

2nd Key to Self Healing - IAM

If my body has renewed itself through the ecosystem, as an element of the biosphere, and it is not what it was a year ago, which is ‘dead’ although ‘I Am’ has not died in the is because our consciousness constantly survives the death of the cells and molecules through which it expresses itself. How can we explain then that they know the difference between heat and cold, pleasure and pain, our emotions and thoughts, like the cells that came before?

Our Cells are Reincarnated

Surprising, isn’t it? Not on a material level but on a memorial level. In fact, it is our memory which is reincarnated! Let's take a closer look at a molecule. Inside there are subatomic particles which come from emptiness. We tend to represent this quantum void in space, in the universe, up there, over there, when it is also here! The universe is also here! If it wasn’t active here, perhaps we wouldn’t exist. This void is consciousness itself.

Emptiness and Consciousness

In 1997, Matthieu Ricard wrote in The Monk and the Philosopher, which he co-wrote with his father Jean-François Revel, that this void ‘is neither oblivion nor an empty space distinct from phenomena or outside of them. It is the very nature of phenomena. It is for this reason that a fundamental text of Buddhism, The Sutra of the Heart says: “Emptiness is form and form is emptiness”. From an absolute point of view, the world has no real or concrete existence. Thus, the relative aspect is the phenomenal world, and the absolute aspect is emptiness. Phenomena arise from a process of interdependence of causes and conditions, but nothing exists for itself, in itself. The direct contemplation of absolute truth transcends any intellectual concept, any duality between subject and object.’ The Monk and the Philosopher, 1997

So Who Are You?

Without an inner response to this question, how can we self-heal? How do we generate an intelligent well-being for the being that we are? I may surprise you, but to quote Deepak Chopra again, there is no-one inside of you that I could call ‘you’, or say, ‘that, there, that’s you’. There is no-one. For everything that ‘defines’ you depends on others! Yes, I see you trembling that includes what you feel, what you think, what you experience. Your subjectivity and your biology, too (as we have already seen). Everything that is happening right now in your body depends on ‘you and me’, and inversely my emotional and physical well-being. Wait it goes further. We are interdependent on each other and interact with our biosphere and the whole of the living cosmos! Furthermore, we are also influenced by our ancestors and our legacies, both past and future! For consciousness is non-local, out of time and space.

‘I AM’ Consciousness

‘I Am’ is a singular that has no plural. And as we know, the ‘all’ is not equal to the ‘sum of all parts’ or individualities. For consciousness is unified, there is no divide, no separation. This is pure consciousness. You are timeless, that is to say your consciousness is non-local. With sounds and the crystalline energy of crystal singing bowls, you are familiar with this experience of being, where masks, attitudes and the roles which are habitual or socially induced or learned disappear. Something is happening within you here, which is of the order of the encounter, in the highest sense of the word. They bring you into contact with the Being, the mystery that you are, that we are.

Crystalline Energy

This is a high vibratory frequency. It is pure and operates in the frequencies of light and sound. Experience with crystal singing bowls tells us that this energy enters into resonance, in phase with pure consciousness, this pure love that we are, far beyond the manifest or phenomenal world. For crystalline energy links us to all that is living, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. In fact, it is the energy of the equilibrium of the universe. From sub-atomic particles to the cosmos. This is the non-local energy which connects and links living elements together. It is perhaps, the energy of emptiness and the memorial matrix of the world (quantum intricacy). Moreover, recent discoveries provide the unquestionable proof that the matrix evoked by Max Planck really exists. Could this be the missing link of our conscience, that which forms the universe, the bridge between our imagination and our reality, and the mirror in our world of what we create through our beliefs? Concepts in reference to ‘The Divine Matrix’ by Greg Braden (published by Hay House).

3rd Key to Self Healing - Equilibrium and Equanimity

It is often said that ‘healing comes from the heart’. This is true, yes, but Love is above all an act. Joy, compassion, loving tenderness, helping others, respect for the living, solidarity, understanding, etc. For love is manifest for the whole ecosystem that we are a part of. It is not a question of vague Christian values, of being a saviour or a good person. It is a question of loving beyond oneself. Crystal singing bowls place us relatively spontaneously in this state of being. Therefore consciousness mysteriously finds a new path. That of the trans-personal identity which includes life and death. The limits generated by the fear of death recede. The all is perceived from within with equanimity. The body, mind and heart find their true equilibrium. Everything is connected in this state of deep equanimity. However, the detachment induced by this state of being is not indifference. It is more a profound serenity with regard to what is. Thus, energy would appear to transform matter and vice-versa, as everything is linked and we form a togetherness with the vastness of everything. so if you heal, the world heals too. We are part of a living cosmos! It is up to us to find this ‘absolute’ coherence once again. Let us find it through pure consciousness and create within us this identical state to the ‘origin’. Self-healing is perhaps the reconnection to this profound link with the life within us.

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