Personal Enlightenment

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Enlightenment as a whole is the overall upliftment through New Age Practices, Techniques and Knowledge.

When you start to walk the path of Spirituality and Personal Awakening you will find many hidden gems along the way. Keep an open mind and think about learning something new about the many forms of Spirituality that may appeal to you. With Reiki Healing as your core modality, you can begin to branch out into many other areas to not only enrich your life but also help you to find Enlightenment.

Earn More

Quite often the trappings of the Material World can hold you back. There are endless levels of Existence and many will be dictated by the money you have available. If you battle to pay the rent, get food on the table or pay your bills there are 2 options which are available for you. You can either earn more money or need less. It is a simple statement but it is one that is not easily carried out. Most people will first try to earn more and may seek a raise at work or a 2nd or 3rd job to make ends meet. Working and finding the income to sustain the needs of your Modern life can be a treadmill that is hard to get off.

Need Less

The upsurge in Minimalism and Purging items from your life is a real reflection of the Human need for Spiritual Enlightenment. I know myself that due to moving house, I have been clearing away a lot of clutter from my home and it has not only enabled me to expand my Conscious Awareness but it has also enabled me to live a more minimal life. We see many people forsaking large Homes, Cars, Designer Clothing and Junk to live a simpler life and this is a true sign of Spiritual Progression. To only keep the items that give you Joy is another way you can search as a collective to get back to simpler times.

Simple Living.

Your Spiritual Life is sustained through strong Beliefs and Motivations that are not driven by Money and the need for more, more, more. You do not have to take this to the extreme by living as a Hermit or moving to live on a Mountain with one change of trousers and a goat. However, you can reduce the things (Stuff, Baggage and Clutter) in your life to make way for more Spirituality, Enlightenment and Conscious Awareness. This can be an extremely satisfying way to live and if you can take these steps, you will be rewarded with a heightened state of Conscious Awareness.

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