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Karmic Fire Cleansing - A Personal Story

I am not the sort of person who shies away from speaking the truth and sharing personal journeys that I have been on and today, is another one of those days...

For several weeks, I have felt that something wasn't quite right within my etheric background. I kept feeling that there was a block preventing me from moving forward with my personal life and spiritual teaching work. It felt like I was walking through thick mud, struggling with every step I took. Sillily I allowed this to continue because my mind was also being blocked from discovering the truth about why I was feeling this way. Well, yesterday {9th November}, I was able to break down some of this energy so I could connect with Rakesh and it was then that he told me what had been going on. I was under. yet another Psychic Attack and this time, it was a powerful one. I have dealt with attacks in the past but they were simple to remove and did not cause too much harm to my spiritual life but this one was being sent by someone who knew what they were doing and knew how to hit me where it hurt. This person had also been in contact with me several weeks prior where they threatened me with legal action if I did not remove their attunements from my website {yes it was another teacher and they have been attacking me on and off for over a decade}. Thankfully Rakesh helped me to see that it was this person so It was then that I went into BATTLE mode in order to counteract their negativity.

To do this, I tapped into the Karmic Fire Cleansing attunement that I channelled in 2021. This is an attunement that I have used on many occasions as I know many students have too and with amazing success. I worked with the energy, I addressed the person doing this by name and I banished them from my life, my mind, my energy and my work. I bound them within the laws of grace and I asked that the universe deal with them the best way that it saw fit which included sending back the energies to them with the power of 10. I know some people do not agree with banishing and sending energy back but over the 21 years of being a spiritual teacher, healer and practitioner of energy work, I have come to realise that there are times when this is needed and it is the only way to counteract someone's negative intentions. All the time while doing this, I addressed the person by name and I felt empowered because I was taking back control of my life and I was doing what was RIGHT! By the end of the day, I was exhausted but I knew that I had done all that I could do and I now had to leave it up to the universe and my heart-felt intentions. I had faith that this would work. That evening, something had shifted. My path became clear, I no longer felt bogged down and I did not feel as though I was walking through thick mud. I felt FREE! Things continue to improve and today {10th November}, I have seen several changes that all prove to me that I was right to use this energy and I was right in addressing the individual who was causing these problems.

Does this sound like something that you have experienced in your life or are currently experiencing? If it does, I want to tell you that you have the power within you to counteract this attack and you have the power to be free. You deserve to be free and you deserve to take back control of your life. No one has the authority to do this to you and if they do then they are in the wrong, not you. You just need to find the inner strength to battle this negativity and when you do, you will be free. You can use any existing knowledge that you have to do this or you can work with the Karmic Fire Cleansing Attunement. If you have already been attuned then please pick up the manual, re-read the messages that I have given and use them with the knowledge that you can fight back with love and light in your heart. If you have not been attuned by you would like to learn more, please Click Here to be taken to the listing page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I wish you and all your loved ones a safe and positive outcome.

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10 nov. 2023
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I can recommend this attunement. I went through a similar experience and it truly helped me. Thanks Jay

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