How to be Grounded

Updated: Oct 29, 2019


To be grounded means to be in alignment with your mind, body and soul. You need to develop an ability to listen to your body and honour its wisdom. On the physical level, being grounded allows you to steadily and deliberately design your life the way you would love it to be. You become clear and take conscious steps towards your goals. Even if you are challenged, your belief and confidence is so strong that you keep moving forward fearlessly. As you are creating consciously, you do not force or push for things to happen. You listen to your internal wisdom, but also to the intelligence of the universe and allow things to happen in the perfect way, at the right time. The more connected you are to your body, the more you can listen to your own wisdom and guidance. Your internal navigation system, when awakened, can move you away from working hard towards working smart by assisting you to know where to put your energy and attention, for the best possible results.


When people are grounded, they have an increased connection to the earth, its environment and all living things. This means that they can intuitively feel the changes in their environment and have the flexibility to react appropriately to those changes in a timely manner. For instance, if they have a business, they will know when to make changes to the business, take it to the next level or sell it. In relationships they can sense when it’s time to let go of a relationship or a partnership, which has run its course and when it’s time to allow someone new into their lives. They also sense how to communicate with different people in order to gain support and assistance.


Someone who is grounded will have less health issues as they would know their body well, feel any disturbances as soon as they arise, and promptly deal with the challenge before it escalates.


Being grounded and in tune with yourself considerably diminishes your stress levels and allows you to live in accordance with your positive beliefs. As your state becomes more joyous and vibrant you attract more success and happiness into your life. You also honor your body and create a more balanced approach to life, by eating healthily, resting when you are tired, exercising, working and having fun.


When people don’t feel grounded and connected to themselves they allow other people to influence their decisions and their lives. This often leads to disappointment, frustration, procrastination in making decisions and lack of trust. Lack of clarity and self-confidence can cause people to seek acknowledgment and approval from others. Often there is an internal battle of not feeling good enough, while desperately wanting to appear otherwise.

Lack of confidence and lack of self-knowledge can create an internal avoidance to commitment and a fear of failure. Often there is an internal voice which says that if you have not completed something, you have not really failed, thus the cycle of self-sabotage and fleeting from one thing to another can continue. 

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure and lack of belief in one’s own creative abilities is one of the largest causes of feeling lost, ungrounded, chaotic and stuck. When an individual is confused their vibration can attract a stream, random, time-consuming problems and challenging events.

The Law of Attraction

The more you recognize your own worth and stand in your own power the faster things become manifest. The more you focus on what you don’t have and all the reasons why you don’t deserve it, or can’t get it, the more you create those experiences. The Law of Attraction always says ‘yes’ to your requests and makes sure that they are fulfilled. It focuses on your vibration and your deepest beliefs about yourself and what you feel you are capable of contributing and deserve to receive, and then gives it to you. These beliefs are often unconscious.


If you feel like you are in chaos and there is an enormous amount of work to do, then instead of beckoning the law of attraction to create more work, stress and chaos in your life, take a moment to re-equilibrate and re-focus. Give yourself permission to stop, calm down, relax and become aware that things can be done quickly, easily and with little effort. Focus on making yourself feel better, until you feel a sense of relief and re-connection with your own body. You will find that your breathing will deepen and you will calm down and relaxed. What you were feeling chaotic about just minutes before will become clearer and you will find yourself getting things done with a positive attitude.If you re-focus your attention on a daily basis towards feeling present, connected with yourself and listening to your own inner guidance system, then you will find that things simply begin to flow into your life with little or no effort. You will begin to have more time for yourself while having the ability to get a lot done with a sense of joy and enthusiasm. Even when challenges come up, you will find simple ways to resolve them, quickly. The more connected you are to yourself the more comfortable you will feel staying in your body, instead of fantasizing and getting stuck in your mind or in dreams which you don’t believe will come true.


It is easy to get excited about a project or an idea when you first hear about it. What is really important is to be realistic and understand that there are many potential challenges when you undertake a new project. Thus, before excitedly plunging into a new task, you may need to do extensive research and have clarity on all the steps required. The most important question to ask yourself is if the endeavor that you would like to embark on is in your heart or if it is coming from your mind. Are you doing it because you are passionate about this idea or are you thinking that you can make money out of it? You are more likely to complete a project that you feel strongly about and that comes from your heart, than you are to continue with something that you think you can make money from but that does not inspire you.

For instance, write down all the possible things that might go wrong with a project, then write down how you would deal with a potential challenge. By writing down what you would find difficult that could make you give up, you can clearly see in what areas you need help. By knowing yourself and taking the time to prepare, you can avoid a lot of potential setbacks and disappointments.

Don’t give up

The last thing you want to do is to start something big and important feeling overexcited and underprepared. Don’t rush into things that you don’t know much about. Take your time, talk to people who have done what you want to do. Learn as much as possible, then move forward with a powerful strategy, knowing that if plan A does not work, you have many other options. Don’t give up, just be creative and try something different. And if everything else fails, ask for Divine Intervention.

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