How I met my Wolf Guide

This is the story about how I met my wolf guide Grey. 

Over the past few months I have been asked how I met my Wolf guide Grey, but before I share my story with you I would like to address the subject of animal guides and what it means to have one as a spiritual companion.

Animal Guides or Totems are found throughout the world in many cultures, from cave paintings and carvings to countless stories and legends. At its simplest, connecting with an animal guide will help you to connect to your inner being, your true self! In the distant past there was no separation between man and animal. This view is now starting to re-emerge as humanity re-awakens to the knowledge of our ancestors and the teachings and thoughts of civilisations that came before us. We were and are inextricably linked as one. Animals, regardless of culture and location, teach us by example.

A totem animal can be seen as a channel or a specific frequency within a universal spiritual radio. This radio has many different settings or levels of understanding. Animal teachers will become noticeable when, during your spiritual growth, it will just be the RIGHT TIME. There is much to be learned if one is observant and aware of one’s natural surroundings. Animals speak to us in many ways; by their numbers, how they act towards us, along with the natural actions and reactions to their surroundings. The key is to understand this subtle language and to then discover the hidden qualities of the totem within your life. These will be the qualities that you need to pay attention to. One needs to be perceptive and aware when one sees animals that capture the attention and that stand out above the perceived norm.

Now to my story about how I met Grey.

Before I share my story about how I met my Wolf Guide I would like to thank Terry Dobson for all of their help. Thank you!

I discovered my spiritual path just over 10 years ago and have experienced and seen things that convince me that we are not alone, and that there are a host of light beings just waiting for us to connect with them so they can share their knowledge. During my spiritual journey I have been introduced to many guides, but one guide who will always stand out is Grey, my wolf guide. I met Grey during one of my meditation sessions while working with the sacred chant of OM. During the meditation I had an out of body experience but I did not leave my body in the usual way. Instead of rising above my physical body, I shifted to the side. I saw myself sitting upon a cliff edge high above a very dense forest, the full moon shining brightly in the sky above me, with the occasional cloud that would pass across the face of the moon. As I sat there I sensed a new energy coming forward. I wasn’t scared but I could feel an apprehension as to whom or what this energy was. As I sat there I saw a wolf walking towards me. She was black in colour and felt as though she had lived for many years, a very old and wise wolf. I watched as the wolf continued to walk towards me until she was only a few feet away. I want to quickly add that I am not sure why I say that this wolf was a SHE, apart from saying that the energies of the wolf felt feminine.

As she sat next to me, we both looked out over the forest for what seemed like hours but in reality it must have only been a few minutes. I didn’t know what to say or what to do because this was all new to me, but I asked her who she was and what had she come to tell me. As simple as it may sound I received the name BLACK in my mind. I felt that it would be ok to address her by this name, but I asked her permission first. When I again asked what she had come to tell me, she started to howl at the moon. I’m not sure if you have ever heard the sound of wolves howling but it is one of the most haunting sounds that I have ever heard. It is a sound that will always give me goosebumps and will make me shiver all over, although not in a bad way and not out of fear. It is just a sound that I could listen to all day. The howl of the wolf is a wonderful healing tool and I will be addressing this in a new healing system which will be channelled in late 2012. As Black continued to howl I then heard more howls coming from the forest. She then looked at me and mentally told me that she was to be my protector and to also teach me more about what it is to become a spiritual warrior. When she gave this message to me I knew that she was with me for my highest good. The one thing that I have always focused on within my own spiritual work is entity clearing and spirit release. This involves spiritual battles with lower energies, so working on protection and the awakening of my inner warrior was true confirmation. I looked at Black and thanked her for the gift that she had given, at which time she let out another howl which was followed by the howls from the other wolves in the forest. After what felt like hours again, I felt my body meld back into my physical consciousness. Upon awakening from this meditation I was filled with a sense of total peace and a protective force that I had never experienced before.

Now that was the first meeting with my wolf animal guide but it gets better.

After a few years of working with Black and building a very strong relationship with her, I felt that her energies were starting to fade. She didn’t feel as close as she used to and I wasn’t receiving the messages from her in the way that I had since we first met each other. This worried me and I truly believed that I was losing her as a guide. During a subsequent meditation to connect with her, she came through but instead of looking alive and strong she looked weak and, if I can say this, she actually looked close to dying. I can hear some people now saying “Animal Guides can’t die” and I totally agree with you BUT animal guides can be transformed. During this meditation with Black she told me that she had now given me all that I needed for the next stage on my spiritual path and that her job had been done. While I understood that all guides will come in and out of our lives for a period of time before they leave, I didn’t want to lose Black. I can remember feeling tears flowing down my face as I lay there meditating with her. We sat in the spot where we met and it was at this spot that she slowly started to fade back into the universal consciousness from whence she came. I then saw something that I will again never forget. From this release of energy I saw another wolf starting to walk towards me and he felt different. He had a more masculine energy but also an energy that was playful and mischievous. Could this be a gift from Black? As this new wolf came closer to me I could see something that told me there and then that this was indeed a gift from Black. While most of this new wolf’s coat was white, he also had areas where he had black patches which were much more prevalent on his face and tail.

I don’t want to sound crazy here, and I promise that this will all make sense in the end, but I immediately asked him if I could call him White. Straight away I received a mental message from him that told me this would be acceptable. He came close to me, which was not something that I expected, but he started to run around in circles chasing his tail. What was I seeing? One minute I am saying goodbye to an old friend and now I have a wolf in front of me chasing his tail. After a few seconds he stopped and looked deeply into my eyes. A mental connection was made and I received the message that the connection with this new guide was to make me aware of my inner child. After the deep internal work with Black I was now being guided to work with a much gentler and more balancing energy, while at the same time working on allowing myself the chance to re-awaken and develop my inner child. It might sound strange to say that we must connect with our inner child, but I truly believe that the best way to walk on our spiritual path is to ask the question that all children ask, “WHY?” By asking WHY, we are allowing our minds and our hearts to be open to new possibilities and new ways of thinking. This is a fundamental key to all spiritual growth and connections with human or animal guides. This made perfect sense and I accepted this blessing to be able to connect with the energies of White and the teachings that he will give to me. Over the months I also discovered that like Black, White had a very strong protective force that he would always place around me whenever it was needed.

A number of months passed and this is where it gets interesting. White came to me during one of my evenings of meditation to guide me on one last journey. The only difference was that this would be the last journey that we would be taking together. At the end of the meditation White came and sat next to me, where we just melded with one another to become one energy. It was during this melding of energies that I was given my spiritual name of WOLFSTAR. As this melding continued I sensed a third energy coming through. It was Black. She stepped forth and completely melded her energies with White. As their energies connected they created a single wolf. Now this really confused me because I didn’t know back then, and I don’t know now, if this is possible. All I can say is that it happened, and I will always teach that each spiritual experience is unique for every person. What some will see others may not, so we must always take from every experience what we feel is true and this felt true to me. I awoke from the meditation not remembering anything else apart from what I had seen but I was soon to receive the answers to all my questions.

About a week later I decided to take some time out from work to spend in meditation to see what the previous experience meant, and to also see who or what my spiritual guide would be now. As I entered a deep meditative state I found myself once again sitting on the same ledge high above the forest below. The only difference is that this time I wasn’t alone. I looked to my right and there sitting next to me was another wolf. Without any words or thoughts being exchanged I knew straight away that this new guide was both white and black so I again took the first name that came into my mind and ended up with GREY. Instead of a mental yes from my guide, I instead felt Grey’s head rest upon my lap and knew there and then that this was going to be a lifelong relationship and one that has taught me so much on my spiritual and life path.

I hope you enjoyed the story about how I met my wolf guide Grey

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