Grow Old Gracefully

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Age Gracefully! There is nothing more inevitable than the greying of hair and the crinkling of skin. Resisting it is like trying to hold back the tide of the ocean. Accepting it is the way into a graceful life and the possibility of true happiness! Our lives are mostly without happiness if we succumb to the marketing men/women or social media pressure and their determination to convince us to look a certain way or that the tide can be beaten back, at the very least, kept at bay.

As a consequence we count the greys, measure the length and depth of the wrinkles and spend all of our energy on trying to look a certain way. We spend our time and attention on the surface of our forms, and create the habits of anxiety and worry as they inevitably deteriorate. But when we truly know ourselves as spirit within the form, all those subtle tensions simply disappear. We never age, never grow old, never die - only our bodies do.

Knowing ourselves as we truly are is the doorway to freedom and to the graceful acceptance that we are destined to inhabit and play many roles in many bodies. Is that not both a liberating and a relaxing insight? If you play with it, explore it for truth, meditate on it, seriously give it 'house room' in your head, you may actually experience yourself as a free spirit. And when you do you will know what true freedom of the mind, body and spirit really is.

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