Why it is Wrong to Gossip and Speak Badly About Others

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Why do people talk about others?

Why do people talk about others in their absence?

Why would a person talk about his close friend in a bad way as soon as he leaves?

Why would a person talk about the bad way his friend is treating him in front of everyone but his friend?

After studying this subject for many years I came to realise that 10 different people could be doing the same exact behaviour for 10 different reasons. We can never make conclusions about someone's intentions before we get to know more about their own personality for it will be the reference we are going to use to interpret his behaviour.

In this article I will tell you about the reasons people talk about others and tell you how to understand those people even more.

Reasons people talk about others!

Don't make the mistake of judging a person without knowing more about their beliefs, values and past experiences. If you know the person well then most likely you will be able to pick up the correct reason that is motivating them to talk about others from the ones below:


People talk about others when they are jealous of that person. It is a simple fact that gossip and bad mouthing another person is simply a reflection of ones own low self esteem. No matter why someone does this, it simply shows their own lack of self worth and the fact that they are mirroring their own internal jealousy. A person who feels jealous will try to put the one they are talking about down so that they feel better about themselves. If the person has really bad intentions then they will talk about the person they are jealous of in a bad way that makes others hate them or stay away from them.


People talk about others in a bad way in their absence in order to appear better than them. If a person feels inferior to someone then they might talk about them in a bad way in order to appear superior in front of others. This is something that you will actually find quite common in the spiritual and lightworker community where others will post blog messages or will bad mouth others to their students about other teachers to make themselves look better than they really are.

Lack of Courage

Some people hate to confront others directly and as a result they prefer to talk about them in their absence after they do something bad to them rather then face them directly. If a person talks in a bad way about someone all the time because that person did something bad then know that they lack courage.


Simply speaking, when someone talks about another person in a negative way or bad mouths them to others, they are simply showing their own weakness. If this occurs within a spiritual sense, then this is again a mirror image that they are portraying onto the other person to make themselves seem stronger than they actually are. As spiritual teachers, we have our faults but ultimately we should never speak badly about another person. To do so, simply brings forth the vibrations of Karma. Always remember that one will reap what they sow.

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