Creative Ways to Use Reiki!

Powerful Ways to Use Reiki!

Reiki is an effective source of energy that can be used for healing as well as spiritual empowerment and ascension. It can also be used for so much more that this. Within this blog post, I would like to offer you 8 creative and practical ways in which you can apply Reiki to your everyday life.

Use Reiki to Empower Your Food and Drink

You can channel Reiki into your food while it is cooking or just before consuming the food at the dinner table. Personally, I love to draw the Cho Ku Rei symbol over my food while it is cooking. Even if you are not attuned to Reiki you can simply place your hands over the food to ask for it to be blessed. We are all born with the ability to heal ourselves and others but through the Reiki initiations, this dormant ability is simply awakened so that you can tap into the energies easily and effectively to help yourself and others. You can also do this with food that you buy as well. Although cooking food from scratch with fresh ingredients is healthier for the body, prepared food is a convenient way for busy parents and people who work long hours to give their bodies the sustenance it needs. If you buy food, simply draw the Reiki symbols over it before you cook it and eat it. You can also do this if you have not been attuned to Reiki by placing your hands over the food and asking for positive energies to flow into it. Beverages can also be cleared, aligned and blessed with Reiki. I always empower my morning coffee with Reiki and I love charging water with Reiki as well as crystals. I simply hold the sides of the cup or/and mug where I then channel Reiki into it. If you start to do this with your own food and drinks, you will find over time that everything will taste better.

Keep Your Electronics “Healthy”

All of your electronics can benefit from Reiki, including your WiFi ? I regularly “charge” my phone with Reiki, especially if I find that it starts to slow down or it keeps freezing. This works for me and I highly encourage you to give this a try too. If you work with computers on a regular basis, you might have noticed that your computer and the WiFi tends to respond to your mood; that is, when you’re stressed and rushed, you’re more likely to lose emails, experience freezing, or lose your connection all together. That’s because your vibrational frequency is affecting the frequency of the computer and WiFi router. If you find yourself in the midst of a tech standstill, try channeling Reiki to the computer, printer, and/or copy machine. You can place your hands on it and channel, or you can draw a symbol over it. Regular Reiki love will help your electronics last as long as possible.

Bless and Protect Your Vehicle

In the same way that Reiki can benefit your electronics, Reiki can benefit your vehicle as well! Lots of people have reported improved mileage after regularly channeling Reiki to their gas tanks. What have you got to lose? One more thing that I would love to mention is whenever I pass by an accident on the road, I visualise the Cho Ku Rei Symbol and send it to everyone involved, including the emergency response team. It’s a quick and easy way to send love to the situation. Although we are taught that Reiki should only be given to individuals who have asked for healing, sending the Reiki symbol to the situation will work within the higher self aspect which means that it will only connect with the higher self of those who need it.

Create Safe and Sacred Space

Reiki can energetically cleanse any space and lift the vibrations of any environment. If you have your Level 1 attunement, you can use your hands to “beam” Reiki around the room, after giving it a proper clean and tidy. If you have your Level 2 (and up) you can simply draw the Cho Ku Rei Symbol on all four walls and in the middle of the room. Cho Ku Rei gives a supercharged boost of Reiki energy, and it’s also a very protective symbol which will help to maintain a safe space. Don’t forget your doors! I regularly draw a giant Cho Ku Rei on the front door and all major doorways that receive plenty of traffic. I do this before and after I’ve had visitors in my home, to both bless those who enter and leave, and to protect my home from people who may be harmful in any way.

Cleanse and Charge Crystals

Reiki is my FAVOURITE way to cleanse and charge my crystals, hands down. If you’re a Level 1 Practitioner, you can hold your crystals in your hands, or you can hover your hands over your crystal collection, and channel Reiki. This will both cleanse the crystals and charge them with Reiki energy. If you’re a Level 2+ Practitioner, you can use the Cho Ku Rei Symbol or the Dai Ko Myo {Master} Symbol {Level 3 only} to quickly cleanse and charge your crystals, as well as activate crystal grids. If you have a large collection of crystals, you can use the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen {Distance} Symbol to simultaneously send Reiki to all of them – saving you tons of time! Level 3 Master Practitioners can also attune their crystals to Reiki, so that they become permanent conduits of Reiki energy. Crystals that have been attuned to Reiki can be incredible healing partners, and can be powerful catalysts for change.

Cleanse Your Clothes

Do you like to go clothes shopping? Consider the energy of the clothes that you take home. They may still have the residual energy of their previous owner, and you’d be wearing that every day! Use Reiki to energetically cleanse all of your new clothes, especially the second-hand ones. You may also want to consider using Reiki to cleanse clothes that you’ve worn while experiencing a traumatic event or during a very stressful time; as well as clothes that you wear while working with others, such as scrubs, uniforms, lab coats, etc. It’s not a bad idea to regularly channel Reiki to your wardrobe. You can even set the intention for Reiki to help guide you in keeping the clothes that you really need, and releasing the clothes that you don’t to others. Remember to bless the clothes that you donate with Reiki as well, for the benefit of the new owners ?

Empower Your Medication

Reiki can be an asset to any healing journey. It’s never a question of “This vs. Reiki”, rather, simply allow Reiki to be a part of your healing. If you need to take medication for any reason, channel Reiki to your medication to further boost its healing power and to reduce side effects. Adding Reiki to your medication schedule can also help to make what is usually a burdensome task into a sacred ritual, which can help with compliance, and ultimately, healing ?

Send Reiki to Deities or Those Who Have Passed Over

This is a practice that I have read about from both Diane Stein {Author and Creator of Essential Reiki} and William Lee Rand {Founder of the International Center for Reiki Training}: Channel Reiki to God, Jesus, Buddha, the Saints or any Deity or Ascended Master that you resonate with! This is a beautiful way to express your gratitude for the blessings in your life, and many people who do this regularly say that they receive tremendous healing and blessings in return. You can also channel Reiki to people who have passed away. Using the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen Symbol (Level 2+ Practitioners) is a great way to connect with them in this way but if you’re a Level 1 Practitioner, you can also channel Reiki using your palms to a photo or any object that symbolises them. You can also empower flowers or gifts with Reiki before placing them on memorials, or sending them to family. Reiki can also be used to consecrate and protect memorial sites. When it comes to applying Reiki to your everyday life, you are limited only by your imagination! Reiki is Divinely guided, and there isn’t anything that can’t benefit from some Reiki Love.