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Connecting With Your Soul

People talk about spiritual reality as if it has nothing to do with someone's soul or even their human body. If you ask the average person where their soul is located, they may tell you it is in the solar plexus or maybe behind the eyes {window to the soul}. You ask the typical religious person if they can communicate with their soul and they will be puzzled by the question as if the soul is something different from them but somehow attached to them. They might even question why you would want to communicate with your soul. It is very rare, at least at this time, that a person would actually consider a soul as being a functioning part of their body. Talk with your soul? Why? It is just there and has nothing to do with what you think or the way you act. But they will also say that if you don’t live properly, your soul will go to hell. Since there is a tremendous lack of seemingly attachment to the soul, there really is not much incentive to live a life that will improve the state of one's soul.

We actually are our souls. Our souls are us. How can we not be able to talk to ourselves? Every second of our life we communicate with our soul. It is natural. We come to this earth and wear these funny suits called {the human body}. This place is not a natural place for us to exist. Our natural environment is in the spirit world. We are spiritual beings, having a human experience, not the other way around. You can’t have ice cream, drive fast cars, and drink until you drop dead in the spiritual world. We come to earth for the experience. We can enjoy our time here, use it to develop our spiritual essence or spend our time hurting ourselves or others. Most people don’t even think about why they are here. From their first breath, they forget why they are on earth. This is quite likely because of the trauma experienced during the birthing process. A lot of people make spirituality, this complicated unattainable thing. Then believe that priests and preachers who interpret the words of god are the one’s dictating the right rules for them to follow in order to get to the Promised Land. Then, many people just ignore the religious rules and do whatever they want. People believe the preachers know all about god and how he wants us to act so we have to listen to them and do what they say! We are supposed to learn from them because they spent time learning about god from someone else who spent time learning about god from somebody else and so on. When we blindly follow these people we lose our spiritual integrity.

Listening to or following, or even accepting the words of anyone, especially someone you do not know very well can lead you down a road of no return, a road that takes you to the haunted forest. It can lead you to spending years lost in a burning dessert. This conditioning is very dangerous. The label of spiritual person does not mean that the individual is special, in any way. They are still human, with ego, anger, and all kinds of life issues. The only difference between the spiritual person and the religious person is that the religious person learned from a text book or anointed teacher and the spiritual person searched for and found their information from many other people, places, things, and experience. To develop a strong spiritual being while still existing on earth, one must self-learn how to do it. He or she must learn how to accept their own spirituality and how to nourish it. An important theme of the truly spiritual person is to learn how to communicate with your own spiritual essence, soul, or what is called gut feeling. Spiritual people often give readings to other people and have reading done for them. This can be interesting and even enjoyable. It can also help you to examine yourself for how you understand life and your place in it. But always beware of someone who wants to magically take away everything you are unhappy about. There are honest readers and dishonest readers just as there are in any other field of endeavor. Only you can overcome your problems. Advice from others and encouragement from others is helpful and often very important, but you are the one who will not only earn your happiness and well-being, but you will be the one to enjoy it. Many people think a psychic reading is a complicated process. In reality, it is not. You just have to understand how the process works and practice.

You are responsible for your spiritual existence. The power is yours as a spirit to develop the ability to feel love and happiness. The whole idea is to understand how information comes in. It usually comes in as thoughts, symbols, and feelings. The way you see life is created from your own soul. Your soul gives you information in a way that you can recognize. Listen to it, feel it and learn, through experience, to trust it and you will grow in mind, body and spirit.


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