Chakra Therapy 101

When someone works with the chakras, they are practicing a form of energy healing or energetic medicine. Each chakra is responsible for different aspects of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health as well as lifestyle and relationships with others. By working with the chakras, we are able to practice a truly holistic model of wellness, which will benefit every aspect of our lives. Our energetic and physical bodies are inter-connected, and the state of one will affect the other. Practicing energy healing is a subtle and gentle way to slowly guide the body into a state of divine balance, via our energetic layers. Over time, our mental, emotional, and physical bodies will respond to this vibrational shift, and we may even experience changes in our lives and relationships with those around us.

Chakra Therapy is best suited to maintaining a person’s general wellness.

It is not to be used as a replacement for medical treatment, especially when dealing with physical or mental ailments. When applied mindfully, energy healing techniques, such as chakra therapy can be a powerful adjunct to all forms of treatment, including prescription drugs and medical intervention. For example, chakra therapy and energy attunements that specifically focus on the chakras can be particularly helpful for people who have had surgery, as working with the chakras can help to rebalance the energetic body after the procedure. In addition, since energy healing is typically very relaxing, healing outcomes can improve if only because stress reduction promotes healing and increases immunity.

What it Means to Balance the Chakras!

The chakras are often referred to as being “balanced”, “overactive”, or “under-active”. When a chakra is “clogged” or “blocked”, it becomes under-active; and if a chakra is over-stimulated, it becomes overactive. While it is quite normal for our chakras to fluctuate as we go about our lives, neither extreme is healthy in the long-term. Therefore, we are always seeking balance, or homeostasis, in much the same way we seek to keep our physical bodies in a state of homeostasis. In this sense, “balance” refers to resilience, and the ability of the chakras to “bounce back” from a state of dis-ease. Also, it’s very important to understand the context in which we use the word “balance”. For example, regular and consistent work with a psychologist or psychiatrist over many years can eventually balance the chakras in the sense that this type of medical therapy can help one find closure from childhood trauma, or cope with mental/emotional disorders. In this context, when we use the word “balance”, we’re talking about a far-reaching effect that occurred as a result of intense work on the client’s part. A reiki, crystal healing or angelic healing is NOT likely to clear long-term trauma, regardless of how many sessions you receive. What they can do is help you to feel more relaxed and at peace in your present moment! which can then improve the efficacy of other adjunct therapies, such as professional counselling or medication. In this sense, the word “balance” refers to a state of feeling, which can bring a deep sense of peace and clarity, which will propel you forward and improve your chances of healing success.

The Not So Fine Print

Make no mistake, therapy that consists of chakra work, especially when provided as a passive form of energy work (such as reiki or other forms of energy healing), is not a substitute for proper medical care.

Can it help? Yes.

Can it make a difference? Yes, and sometimes it makes ALL the difference.

But chronic energetic patterns (which can manifest as mental/emotional/physical illnesses) take years to form, and therefore I just want to hammer the point home that you shouldn’t expect any single form of energy healing to solve all of your problems. The healing and alignment will not happen over night and it takes weeks, months or even years to see the changes within your life. This also applies to energy attunements. No one attunement will cure all of life’s problems or give healing straight away. It takes time and patience plus a lot of self healing and spiritual work. If someone promises you instant healing or an instant cure through a service that they offer, this is not going to happen. Not only are they offering false hope, they are also giving the wrong information and therefore it is better to stay away from these individuals.

A Chakra Guided Life!

Working with the chakras, or chakra therapy, can provide a holistic framework from which you can approach your personal wellness routine. A deeper understanding of your energetic body will provide you with tools to help you feel grounded, calm, and confident in your choices. When you start to work with your chakras, your life will respond in kind, and it won’t take long for you to realise that while you may have little control over the world around you, you are in total control of your responses and your perspective on life. This is where true personal power and your freedom ultimately lies.

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