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Distant Attunements!

What Is An Attunement

The attunement process is by far the most important part of learning any type of energy-based healing system because it helps to bring forth many changes within the recipient’s energy field. In simple terms, each attunement helps to introduce or 'attune' your energy field to a Higher Consciousness frequency so that you can then call on and ascend into these higher frequencies through the prescribed practices. The word attunement is best recognised when speaking about Reiki however as we have learnt over the past few years, attunements are now becoming a very popular and highly effective way of helping many people ascend into higher levels of love, light and purity in their life. It is also said that each attunement helps to remove negative karma from within and ultimately, can help you move closer towards a place of happiness or inner peace. In this place of higher vibratory understanding, we are often better able to understand the true nature of love, compassion and what we refer to as interconnectedness. Receiving an attunement is a very simple and straightforward process and most attunements can be completed within around 10 - 20 minutes {depending on what energy you are receiving}. It is truly a very sacred and uplifting ceremony and something which can then bring you much love, light and purity in your life.

What Happens During An Attunement?

Attunements are normally a very satisfying and very peaceful experience in which the recipient opens themselves up to receive love and divine light. The energies are then received within your energy field and there will be some necessary adjustments to your energy system in the days following. You may sit upright or lie down, as you wish, with the key being that you always open yourself up to receive the healing and attuning energies with love and gratitude. This is normally experienced as a very peaceful, relaxing and loving experience as you allow the healing energies to wash over you and create a place of stillness from within. All that is required is that you use your intention to accept the attunement and then simply rest, relax and enjoy the divinely guided energies as they are being brought into your consciousness for your own highest & divine purpose. With most attunements, you will then be able to access the divine energetic healing frequencies in your own self-healing or meditative practices and you may also then practice with these energies with others. The introduction to these types of energy-based healing practices, especially for people learning these for the first time, can be a very special and empowering experience as the healing energies can now be called on directly by themselves for whomever they wish.

How Long Does An Attunement Take To Receive?

The time it takes for each attunement will depend on the energetic frequencies that you are being attuned to and this often depends on what teaching you are receiving the attunement for. Typically, the attunement is a 15-20 minute process which can be taken any time of the day or night. The most important thing to remember when taking any attunement is that you be undisturbed and in a peaceful environment so that you can relax and enjoy the energies being received. After your attunement has finished, you will most likely feel very relaxed, so it can be a good idea to take some time for yourself. Perhaps you wish to do something that you enjoy doing. Just allow yourself the freedom to enjoy this time and to enjoy your new vibration. I offer most of the attunements by distance in accordance with divine guidance. This is something which helps me to send these energies to whoever is in need of these and is something that we feel is important for this earth at this time

What Should I Do If I Fall Asleep During My Attunement?

When receiving any kind of healing energy, it is quite common to feel a deep relaxation and peacefulness throughout. It is also quite common to even fall asleep or doze off somewhat during an energy-based healing session or during an attunement. So a common question from this then is - does an attunement still work if you fall asleep? To start with, let me explain here again that it is actually very common for people to doze off or fall asleep when receiving attunements by distance and especially so for those who choose to lie down or receive their attunement at night before sleeping. All attunements are received in accordance with your intention. For all of the attunements that I offer, I always suggest that your intention is firmly set in the preparatory steps of the attunement process. As such, once you have set this intention to open up and receive ‘xyz attunement’ - so it will be. In this way, if you do end up dozing off or sleeping halfway through your attunement, the energies will still be received effectively even in your sleeping state i.e. in line with your original intention set at the start of the attunement.

What Happens After An Attunement?

In most cases, after you have received an attunement, you will now be able to start calling on the divinely guided healing frequencies of the energy-based healing practice that you are learning. As we melt and merge with the loving and purifying energies of these beautiful healing systems, we can start to re-learn who we truly are, and what we are truly made up of. And by practising, we are allowing ourselves to become more purified, more cleansed and more balanced - thus we heal, grow and nurture. With each attunement we receive, we are being 'healed' at a deeper layer. As we receive each attunement, we are often required to release or let go of much of our old, unwanted or stagnant energies from within. And this can be a challenging process at times! You may feel some slight flu symptoms, a headache, or maybe you feel some emotional debris being cleared - anger, grief or a trauma of some sort. These are all as a result of past experiences that are now being brought to the surface for healing. It is normally necessary to re-experience these feelings or ailments as they are finally released from our energy system. This is the process of any kind of energy-based healing. So in the days following the attunement, there can be some clearing and some healing being done during days or weeks following. And again, this is a great sign that the attunement is bringing about much healing from within you! It may sound a little strange but if you are feeling tired, exhausted, maybe going to the toilet more than normal; if you are feeling some weird pains, aches, or other physical/emotional ailments - this is a really great sign that you are on the right track! Any type of symptoms will likely only last for a few days and should be viewed as part of the energetic healing process. It is also a sign that your energy field has been raised to a new, higher vibration than that which you existed previously. Your body is needing to adjust to the new vibration and as a result, will need to clear away the old - this is often referred to as a healing crisis. Of course, where symptoms persist, please seek proper medical attention.

The Attunement Is A Deeply Sacred Process. Is This True?

Yes. All attunements work with divinely sacred energies which are then placed into your energy field. Depending on the type of attunement you are receiving, you are then able to access these healing energies for yourself in order to bring in more love, light and purity into your life. Although you may not be able to see what is happening during these attunements, let me reassure you that there really is a lot of love and light being transferred energetically during each attunement. And whilst there are different frequencies being transferred at each level of learning, these energies always come from a very pure place of love, light, truth, compassion, purity and understanding and will always work in line with your own highest good. It is also important to remind yourself that due to attunements being sacred and special, they must be treated as such. Too often people will take multiple attunements per day without giving much thought or practice to them. Seeing them as a quick fix to life's problems or accepting them quickly so they can start selling them to others. Not only is this disrespectful to the energies, it is also disrespecting to your own spiritual life. Learning to honour the attunements as sacred events and working with them in a spiritually mature way will always being more to your life than if you continued to rush through the process.

What Are The Steps For Receiving An Attunement Successfully?

Whenever someone learns an energy-based healing attunement or received an attunement is a super important part of the overall learning experience and spiritual growth. And whilst the instructions for each attunement are always described in the manuals you receive, I wanted to give you a more general overview of what a successful attunement process might look like overall. The steps that are shown below will therefore be offering you a step-by-step guide to receiving an attunement and can be helpful for those who are interested to learn about how to receive an attunement successfully and for those who may feel some doubt about whether their attunement was received successfully. In simple terms, if you have followed along with the steps outlined below, your attunement will have been successful. Of course, the below information should always be read and interpreted in alignment with your divine intuition & divine guidance. We hope that this information can help you on your journey and may every single attunement you receive help to bring you a beautiful new feeling of love, light & unity.

Download your Manual - All of the manuals from Living Reiki Therapies are offered online via automated download links. Therefore the first step in receiving an attunement successfully is to download the applicable manuals.

Check the Prerequisites - The second step is to ensure that you have completed the necessary prerequisites for the course. The prerequisites for each ebook are found right at the beginning of each manual and on the attunement listing. By prescribing the prerequisites for each manual, Higher Consciousness wishes to ensure that each recipient will be ready to receive the energies of that course by making sure that they have reached a necessary level of energetic vibration. In other words, the prerequisites help to ensure that you are ready to receive the energies in a professional and spiritually mature way. The prerequisites will also help to ensure that you get the most out of the energies received in the course as well. If a person chooses to enter a course without doing the prerequisites, it is likely that they will not be 'energetically ready to receive the energies of that attunement. In this scenario, the energies/attunements will either not activate within them or will only partially activate, meaning that this person will miss out on the maximum energetic benefit that is being offered to them through the course. In this way, the divinely designed prerequisites help to lovingly guide each recipient through the attunements so that they {and all beings} can benefit in the highest possible way. We therefore lovingly recommend that each person completes the required prerequisites before commencing an attunement with the Academy.

Schedule the Attunement - Make a date and time that you are going to receive the attunement and ensure that you have completed any necessary resting periods or practices from the previous attunement or level. This is very important to ensure that you are energetically and vibrationally ready to receive the next layer of energy.

Allocate Yourself the Required Time & Sacred Space To Receive The Attunement - The attunement is a divinely sacred experience and as such, it is best to be well prepared in advance. It is important to plan to have plenty of time available, {for example not right before you have to run out the door} as sometimes the attunement can take longer than expected, or sometimes you may simply want to sit in the energies of the attunement for longer than expected. It is also beneficial for your relaxation state to not be anxiously thinking about the time - or that you have to hurry in order to pick the kids up from school! So give yourself plenty of time so that you can be fully relaxed, ready and open to receive the energies. Additionally, you may wish to allocate some time immediately before the attunement to unwind and mentally prepare. This could include going for a walk, doing some yoga, re-reading the instructions for the attunement and/or simply sitting in quiet meditation for some time. When you are relaxed, centred and peaceful, the energies will flow more easily. This is also a good time to think about your intention for the attunement & upcoming energies.​​ Also important is to ensure that you are in a space where you will not be disturbed for the entire duration of the attunement. You may wish to create an ambience for your attunement by lighting a candle or incense, dimming the lights, or finding a beautiful tree to sit under in the forest. Make the space as peaceful and relaxing as possible!

Receive the Attunement - The attunement process is a very sacred and divinely enriching experience and essentially, what is happening here is that you are receiving a beautiful array of Higher Consciousness energies into your consciousness in a way that is both relaxing, peaceful and uplifting. These attuning energies will be helping you to heal & transform and in most cases, the attunement ensures that you will be able to connect with the beautiful Higher Consciousness energies through self-healing practices. ​​The attunement process is essentially like a key unlocking a door, through which many new energies can flow. Therefore it is helpful to be relaxed and open in order for the attunement to take place. Some attunements offer specific affirmations to say, however in general, focusing on opening, surrendering and receiving for the benefit of all will be of help. Some affirmations that may help are:​ ​

“I open myself up to love and light.” “I open up to receive.” “I open up to universal love.” “I open up to receive the XXX attunement.” “I open up to divine love & light.” Or you may simply repeat your intention over and over.

​Overall, during your attunement, remember to follow your intuition at all times. If you feel that you need to pause in between steps to sit quietly for a few minutes, or to light a candle, or to lie down, or if you get the feeling that now is not quite the right time to receive the attunement, then listen and follow your heart. The instructions provided are a base guideline for receiving the energies, however as everyone is unique, so too is the attunement process and so if you feel something, then trust your intuition! Another common experience some people worry about when receiving an attunement is that they didn’t feel like they weren’t really ‘in the moment because their mind may have been overly occupied with something during the attunement process and they felt like they weren’t very ‘present' during an attunement. Let us just say here that even if your mind was not overly present during an attunement, the process will still work correctly. Again, if you have followed along with the instructions in the steps above you will always receive these attuning energies from Higher Consciousness will much love, light & divine grace.

Take Time After the Attunement to Assimilate the Energies - After receiving your attunement, you may like to take some time to just sit quietly, give thanks for what you have received, or go for a gentle walk, or light a candle or some incense. Or other times, it may feel perfectly ok to simply end the attunement and go on about your day. Often the energies will still be moving within you after the attunement, so remember to be gentle and loving to yourself.

Can I Repeat An Attunement?

Yes, absolutely. However normally, if you have received an attunement successfully, there is no need to re-attune yourself to the same energies. Instead, it is more beneficial to continue moving forwards into higher & higher levels so that you can be attuned to more and more frequencies that will be widening your healing channel and allow you to move into higher and higher vibrations of love & light. Having said this, however, there may be times when you feel that you wish to repeat an attunement and this is totally fine. For example, if you were not entirely happy with how your attunement went {perhaps you fell asleep, were interrupted or were lost in your own thoughts and not entirely present. In any of these cases, repeating an attunement may help you to feel more reassured that you have gained the most out of the attunement experience. Above all, we loving recommend that you follow your own intuition and walk forwards on this pathway in a way that feels right for you. Another example where you may feel more comfortable with re-attuning yourself is when you have taken an extended break from your practices. For example, if you have received a Master Level Symbols attunement several months ago but you didn’t really get the opportunity to finish the entire manual or the practices that were prescribed within, then it is very natural that you might like to re-attune yourself to these energies and start from where you left off. As a general rule of thumb, however, we would lovingly point out here that receiving an attunement once is sufficient, even if it has been some time since you worked with the energies. After receiving the original attunement, provided that you followed along with the instructions carefully, these energies will still be accessible to you and you will still be able to successfully connect with them through the practices. However again, for those who wish to re-attune themselves, this is absolutely fine. Even in cases where several months or even years have passed, the original attunement you received will always remain with you and it is not necessary or compulsory to repeat any of the attunements once you have received them. However, in the interests of helping people to feel more confident or more comfortable, there will never be any harm if you receive an attunement more than once. For those who may have received an attunement from somewhere outside of the Academy and would like to receive the same attunement with the Academy of LivingReiki Therapies {for example Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 or 3} then you are also most welcome to do this {however it is not a necessity}. If you would like to re-attune yourself in this way, simply repurchase the relevant manual, and read through the applicable material before booking your attunement. I hope that this has helped you to gain some additional clarity about the idea of re-attuning to an attunement and above all, may you continue to move forwards into higher and higher levels so that you can feel a deepened sense of love, light & unity in your life.


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