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Advanced Healing with LivingReiki

Advanced Healing is a brand new distant attunement that I channelled in 2023 with the help of the Celestial Hierarchy and my guide Rakesh. This brand new attunement was created with the intention of moving forward from the teachings of Usui Reiki by introducing a new set of symbols to help balance the frequencies and incorporate the symbols of Usui Reiki.


I am humbled to bring forward this brand new distant attunement to the energies of Advanced Healing Reiki. For several years, I have been working with the Celestial Hierarchy to understand more about the energies that they wish to bring forth for all humankind to work with. Through this ongoing connection, the Celestial Hierarchy informed me that although this system is new in that it is being brought through to our current reality via channelling, it is also not new because it involves working with energies that have been in existence for millennia. Until the channelling of this attunement, the Celestial Hierarchy have been silently guiding energy to all healers, spiritual teachers and seekers for many years as the earth moves through her own vibrational ascension through several stages of spiritual ascension, evolution, dimensional clarity and worldwide purging of old vibrations and adverse energy patterns. So who are the Celestial Hierarchy? The Celestial Hierarchy are a group of light beings whom I have worked with for close to 20 years by using a special crystal tool called the “Energy Point of Light” {See image in listing}. This tool gives me the ability to shift my awareness into an altered state of consciousness where I am able to connect with these higher beings to learn from them and to bring forth new channelled information and energy formations. They have also brought forth several new symbols that are encoded into each level of this brand-new system which are to be used for personal and professional healing sessions, meditations etc. I am therefore submitting my healing work to all Lightworkers, Spiritual Seekers and Healers so we can all work with the energies to fully realise our true potential as teachers, seekers of the light and spiritual healers. I pray that you will enjoy working with the energies of Advanced Healing Reiki and that the beautiful and uplifting entries will help you connect with love, light and joy in your life.

Advanced Healing Reiki Degrees and Integration Timeframe

* Advanced Healing Reiki 1st Degree {Practitioner} - The 1st Degree has 3 separate initiations {1a, 1b, 1c}. These must be booked and received separately with a gap of 2-3 days between each initiation.

2-week assimilation for self-practice and meditation before the 2nd degree is received.

* Advanced Healing Reiki 2nd degree {Master} - The 2nd Degree has 2 attunements {Rainbow Thunder & Rainbow Dome} - Each initiation must be received separately with a gap of 2-3 days between each one.

2-week assimilation for self-practice and meditation before the 3rd degree is received

* Advanced Healing Reiki 3rd Degree {Grand Master} - This degree has 1 attunement.

By the time you reach the 3rd degree, you will be channelling energies with a force of up to 100,000 times that of traditional Usui Reiki. This does not mean that Advanced Healing Reiki is better than traditional Reiki, it simply means that your energy body has expanded to such a degree that you are now able to channel energy from all directions and not just through the crown chakra. While I understand that this might be a lot of information for some of you to absorb straight away, please do not worry about it too much. The process of assimilation will become clear as you move through each of the degrees. I also understand that many people will want to ascend to higher levels of conscious awareness as quickly as they can BUT you must remember that taking time and assimilating the energies in a spiritually mature way will bring you the best possible outcome with little to no adverse side effects.

If this attunement interests you and you would like to take the next step forward on your Reiki journey, please CLICK HERE where you can purchase this new advanced attunement.


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