A Channeled Message from Spirit

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Dear ones,

All of your Prayers are heard and mirrored back to you from the unseen realms. Be grateful, praise things before they manifest and always ask for the Highest Good. When you plead and beg that will bring you only more reasons to plead and beg. Instead offer your prayers and sacred gifts as a testament to your faith in a Higher Power. Open up and let Spirit move through you and comfort you. Add Meditation as a way to become empty so you will be ready to be filled with inspired Epiphanies, Peace, Understanding and Joy. In this moment your prayers are being answered for the Highest Good of both you and all life. Sometimes what you pray for is not supposed to happen for you and your prayers will be answered in surprising ways. At this moment, we are listening intently to your prayers and want you to know that your Highest Good is and always will be our priority. ALL IS WELL

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