My Munay Ki 13th Rite Experience - The Rite of the Womb

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

When I accept the Rite of the Womb, I wasnt sure what to expect due to the fact that I am a man and this Rite is mainly focused towards Women but I was left feeling completely blissed by the process of.

To begin with, I didn't feel much then suddenly I could feel my Solar Plexus begin to warm up. As this continued, I felt a pulling sensation around my belly button. This didn't surprise me because of it being the life force cord that attaches the baby to the mothers womb. This pulling sensation intensified as the energies flowed through me until I felt something snap. I asked spirit what this snap sensation meant and I was told that it was a cutting of all past life attachments that I had with my past birth's and that it was now time for me to start afresh on my journey through life. I also experienced a dramatic shift in my emotions as the energies continued to flow through me with tears rolling down my cheeks. As this occurred, I could feel an uplifting sensation within my Heart Chakra that seemed to life my Spirit up off of the bed and into a warm embrace with the Mother Goddess. I have truly never felt so loved, supported or comforted in all of my life. As I continued to lay there, embraced by the Mother Goddess I could feel her touching my Stomach area and re-balancing my Solar Plexus with one hand and while aligning my Heart Chakra with the other. This continued for what felt like hours but in reality only a few minutes had passed. I then saw myself surrounded by beings of light but these beings were Female, how did I know this? I could sense it within my Heart but I could also smell the sweet scent of Roses which have always been a sign to me that I have a Female presence around me. This continued for the remainder of the Rite until I felt that it was time to bring my consciousness back to my current reality.

I am now sitting here writing this with tears rolling down my cheeks and a feeling that a very large weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. There is a slight aching sensation within the Solar Plexus, especially around the Belly Button area and I acknowledge this due to the Past Birth Healing that has occurred.

This is truly a life changing attunement and one that I recommend to everyone who have already taken the Munay Ki Rites.

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