How to Accept a Distant Attunement

Updated: Jan 19

Through the Academy of LivingReiki Therapies we offer all distant Attunements through the appointed time and day method or via the call in (chi ball) method if this is preferred.

*Appointed time and day Attunement: When an Appointed time and day Attunement has been requested we will arrange for a convenient day and time to be set when we will both be able to meditate for around 30-45 minutes. During this time, I will etherically connect with your higher self and auric field to pass on the energies to you. During this connection I occasionally will gain insight or visions of your guides, angels or an ascended master. If this happens, I will always provide you with a full email report of the images and/or messages that were given.

*Call in (Chi Ball) Attunement: I understand that there are some of you who are wary of the Chi Ball method. While I do understand your worries, I also want to promise you one thing. If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t use this method to pass the Attunements to you. I have worked with both the appointed time and day and call in method for many years and have found that the Call in method will at times be stronger and more powerful than the appointed time and day connections. When I send a call in attunement I will send them in a different way to many other teachers. Instead of using the basic structure of the chi ball, I create what I call a “Universal Orb of Light”. These orbs of light are exactly the same as the regular chi ball but I strongly believe that through using this channelled method that it creates a purer and more refined energy that is transmitted when the chi ball is called in.

So what is a chi ball?

A Chi Ball or the Universal Orb of Light is an etheric device that spiritual teachers use to pass on energies to others over a distance. This orb is created through intention and meditation where the teacher will create the imagery within their mind of an orb that will be of any size and shape. The chi ball is then filled with the energies of the attunement that you are accepted. Using the Universal Orb of Light method, I will also include a few extra techniques and methods that were given to me through the channelling work with my Star Guide Rakesh.

When the chi ball has been created it is then placed within the etheric realms where it will wait until you are ready to accept it. As soon as you mentally intend to accept the chi ball attunement the etheric orb will then appear above your crown chakra where it will open for the energies to flow through you. Receiving an attunement using either method is very easy and can be done using the following method.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible in an area of your home where you will be undisturbed for about an hour. You can light candles, burn incense or aromatherapy oils but please make sure you take the appropriate measures to make sure no naked flame is left unattended or next to flammable objects. On occasions you can slip into a very deep state of relaxation so please always make sure your environment is safe before you begin.

To receive your attunement simply lie down, or you can sit in lotus position(legs crossed and a straight back) with your hands in your lap forming a bowl on your knees with palms help in an upwards position, or in Gassho position (Praying Hands). Close your eyes and relax. Your teacher will sometimes ask you to repeat a mantra before the attunement begins but this will always depend on who is attuning you and their own way of working. I will usually ask you to repeat a small acknowledgement speech that will acknowledge your intention to be attuned to your chosen attunement. Although there will be many methods described in the manuals that you are given for your chosen Attunements and there are hundreds of ways to accept an attunement. The most important thing to remember is to relax and to never hold any worry in your heart that the attunement will not work. It will work and you will be attuned. Intention is Energy and Energy is Intention so as long as your intention is to be attuned, you will be attuned.

When a distant attunement is accepted there are many spiritual experiences that might occur. These could include flashes of coloured light being seen within your mind’s eye or behind your eyelids, a deep sense of weightlessness (floating) or a sensation of waves flowing over you. These are the spiritual sensations of the universal energies moving through your physical and astral body (like waves upon a sandy beach).

On the other hand, there will be times when you won’t see or feel anything. Please don’t worry if this does occur as you accept your attunement. At times, the energies which are being accepted are of a very similar vibrational frequency to what you are already vibrating at. Due to this, the energies of the distant attunement won’t be felt as strongly as one that attuned you to a much higher vibrational frequency of energy.

When you are ready to receive your attunement from either myself or another teacher please say the following or something similar.

I intend to receive the distant attunement to the energies of (Name your chosen attunement) that is being sent to me by Jay Burrell. I intend that I will receive the strongest and purest vibrational energies that I can handle. I also ask that my guides, the angels/archangels and all beings of light who wish to be present to surround me with their sacred light so I will receive the strongest and purest energies that I can handle.

If you are accepting your distant attunement through the call in (chi ball) method, you can visualise the Universal Orb of Light (Chi Ball) descending from the godhead where it will etherically appear above your crown chakra.