Sensing Attunements

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

For many years, I have received numerous emails from students and spiritual seekers who ask me why they don't feel the energies or see visuals when they receive an attunement. I want to state once and for all, that too many of us put our focus and emphasis on this aspect of distant attunements. I have personally received thousands of attunements over the 17 years of being a spiritual seeker and if I am honest, I have only ever felt a small fraction of them. For me, this isn't a problem though because I never question whether I have been attuned because I know that just by intending for the energies to come to me and for my teacher to intend that the energies be sent to me is all that is needed for the magic to happen.

9 times out of 10, attunements will never be felt and the visuals that some people receive are also just as rare. Just because you dont see or feel something it never means that you have not been attuned. There are numerous reasons why an attunement might not be felt or why you dont receive the vitals that others have. The most common reason is that the energies are flowing through you etheric background rather than at the forefront of your consciousness. This simply means that the energies will filter through the layers of your aura over a period of time so that they can clear any blockages that are detected in order for the fullness of the energies you have received to be truly felt in your everyday life. Each energy and/or attunement will also work on clearing and aligning your chakras and meridians so the best thing to do is to never put too much emphasis on what you feel/see or do not fee/see when you are attuned.

There are other times when the visuals or the "sensing" of energies is simply just not meant to be. Only a fraction of individuals who work with distant attunements will have the ability to see and sense the energy that they receive. This simply depends on your level of spiritual awareness and how open you are empathically to the world of energy. You might have blockages within your higher chakras which prevent you from seeing things and if this is the case then you need to work on clearing these blockages for the fullness of your psychic abilities to manifest. The same applies to the sensing of energies. You might have blockages within one or many of your chakras which need to be cleared in order for the energy to be felt. Another explanation is that you are simply not meant to see or sense the energies. Trust and Faith plays a major role on energy work, especially within the realms of distant attunements. Seeing things or sensing energies is not the be all and end all of energy work. What is important is what you do with the energies and how you apply them to your life! If yo simply receive attunements just for the sake of having them or to add to an ever growing list of accomplishments but you never actually work with them then you are not going to ever expand your senses to possibly see and feel the energies working within your life.

If you pay too much attention to feeling or seeing things this will also create an imbalance which in turn will further impeded the ability to see or sense the flow of energy during an attunement as well as when you work with the energy you have been given.

As lightworkers and spiritual seekers we need to move away from the ego mind where we feel that we must have a physical response to something to know that it is working. When we move into a new dimensional state of awareness which is after all why the majority of you have chosen to walk the path of a lightworker and spiritual seeker. If you can do this, then in time you might be given the gift of psychic vision and an expanded sense of energy that flows through the hands and the energy centres of the body.

Have faith, enjoy the journey and work with the energies you receive. Only then will you truly be able to enjoy the benefits of what energy healing can and will bring into your life.

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