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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Over the past few months, I have received a number of emails from people who have all wanted to know how I channel and how I create the attunements that I have written over the years. This is probably one of the hardest questions to answer because every channel will have their own unique method which they use to access this information so that it can be brought forth for the benefit of humankind. I can only give my own experiences with this spiritual technique which I hope will help to answer some of the questions that anyone may have. You must also always remember that any psychic ability or spiritual gift takes time to develop. No attunement will give you instant spiritual abilities and no intention in the world will make you psychic over night. It takes time, patience, practice and yet more practice before the psychic centres are advanced enough to channel. Saying this, there are occasions when the ability to channel or to connect with the spiritual world will come through a lot faster.

I first started to channel only a few months after my Usui Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher attunement which resulted in the creation of my 1st channelled system called “Rainbow Light Healing System”. This was my first introduction into the world of channelling which I didn’t intentionally plan to start due to only practicing Reiki for a few years prior to this. I was also still very young within my spiritual growth so to have been given this gift was quite a shock. A lot of channels will perform elaborate rituals to centre them into an altered state of consciousness which is normally needed for the connections to take place but as always I like to do things a little differently. I used to perform these rituals and they all aided me at that time but I now find that spirit chooses when the channelling will take place. I can be cleaning the house or working through the days emails when I will feel spirit come close to me, at which time I will mentally hear my guide telling me that it is time. The information will then start to flow and I will have to stop whatever I am doing at that time to write everything down. When the physical writing down of the information takes place, I will feel myself stepping aside from the physical body so spirit can take control of what will happen. I am always fully conscious of what is occurring and can put a stop to it at anytime but the energies of these events are always pure and of the light, so that I am happy for them to flow through me. My arms will start to tingle which then leads to them feeling as light as air. It is at this time that I will start to channel the information that is being given to me. I am always aware of my fingers typing but I am unable to feel them until the channelling has come to an end.

At the end of every channelling I will start to feel my arms returning to normal and will energetically shift back into my physical consciousness. It is only then will I read what I have written. Most of the time the messages are clear but occasionally they will be written in note form so I will need to re write and alter the information so it will make sense to the reader. More recently I have discovered that I will write what I call Channelled Emails where half way through a reply spirit will again take over to give information to the recipient. Again, I am not aware of what I have written until I read what has been given. Even then I might not understand the message that has been given and the conscious mind will try to convince me to delete what I have just written. At times I have done this but I have also learnt over the years that when I listen to my inner voice and trust that this message is from spirit and is of importance I will receive a reply from the recipient to let me know that it made perfect sense. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not right all the time but every time I listen to my inner voice and allow spirit to channel through me it increases the channelling connection.

If you are someone who feels that they want to start channelling then the best advice that I would give is to TRUST in your abilities. I know this is hard at first but the more you trust in your abilities and in the connection you have with spirit, the stronger your channelling and psychic abilities will become. Always remember that it takes time and could take many years for your true channelling abilities to manifest but saying this, you never know what spirit has in store for you on your spiritual path. Keep your heart and mind open to the abilities that already reside within you.


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