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Updated: Nov 30, 2019

As you become more spiritual aware of your surroundings and increase your own personal vibrational energy you will need to make sure you have spiritual and psychic protection at all times. This is especially true when you are performing any healing or attunement that is being sent out via a distance or through an in person workshop.

There are many signs and symptoms that can be associated with the possibility of a psychic attack or spirit attachment but you must always be aware that these are only guidelines and do not give 100% proof that this is occurring within your life.

The most common signs of a possible psychic attack or spiritual attachment are:

* Significant Loss of Energy and Personal vigour.

* Chronic tiredness.

* Finding it hard to concentrate or experience loss of focus.

* Sleep disturbances that last for more than 4 weeks.

* Irritability and a very short temper.

* Depression, Anxiety with fearful thoughts.

* Lack of sex drive.

If the psychic attack or entity attachments are not dealt with straight away the prolonged exposure can lead to severe low self esteem, lack of personal security, fear, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and severe illness if they are not dealt with. The illness is a result of the energy congestion. Now that we know what sort of symptoms a psychic attack can bring I will now focus on the many different types of psychic attack. Please note that these are only guidelines within the art of spiritual protection and negative energy clearing. They do not always indicate that you are under psychic attack. If these symptoms continue for more than a few months please visit your local doctor or therapist to make sure there is no other major underlying condition that needs to be investigated.

Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts stem from the ongoing bombardment of remarks, comments and negative vibrations that are projected onto you by your parents and peers. Please note that this is not to blame anyone for anything but is to let you know that the thought programs that are given to all children as they grow can lead into severe psychic/spiritual attack later in life.

Aggressive Thoughts

Experiencing any aggressive thought that you are unable to control. These thoughts can either be created through fear, anger, jealousy and competition. Certain forms of competition are of a positive vibration but when you go into competition with others for Ego reasons then you are opening yourself up to projecting this energy onto your friends, family and even fellow Lightworkers who are sensitive to these energetic frequencies. I myself will regularly pick up on a negative thought or a competitive thought that has been directed towards me but through the simple attunement methods that are listed below and a lot of help from my guide and the blessed Archangels it is now much easier to bounce these energies away from me and to form a protective barrier between me and that negative energy.

Places of Negative Energies

This occurs when you are within an environment where lots of people congregate who can bring many forms of negative or psychic attack to the individual both intentionally and unintentionally. Places like mega cities, bars, clubs, gaming casinos and even a shopping mall can carry aggressive and stressful spiritual radiation which is then unintentionally transmitted through negative energy to their surroundings as well as to the individuals within that area.

Curse or Black Magic (Spells)

A curse resulted from a spell or prayer that has been directed towards you. This is one of the more prevalent forces creeping into the Reiki community. Individuals are using magic and spells to manipulate others or to cause severe physical and spiritual burn. I have also heard of some teachers who have been working with energy healing for many years wanting to quit. This is unlike them and is a very real sign that you could possibly be under some form of curse or spell. Another form of the use of magic to harm others is through magic, witchcraft or the summoning of spirits either through lack of knowledge or through using sacred texts such as the Necromancy and other dark forms of information. These attacks are performed by asking a lower spirit to bring misfortune and bad luck to another person. To help you with the detection of any and all psychic attack it is highly recommended that you work on the development of your psychic abilities. These abilities reside in every human but as we grow we often suppress them which results in the lack of development later on in life.There are also souls from the darker aspects of the etheric realms who carry stale and dark vibrations that just interfere with your life if you are able to feel or hear them. A Lost soul is a spirit who has lost their way and has not yet returned home to ‘The Light’.

Lost Souls and Negative Vibrations

There can be many reasons why these souls are lost and remain bound to the earth. This could be through their earthly life where they had no faith of an afterlife and therefore do not understand that they have crossed over. They will continue to go about their daily lives believing that they are still alive. At times though this separation between the physical and the spiritual will fade which is why on occasions you will see an apparition or will catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye. Other spirits might have passed away through a very violent or sudden death which has again resulted in them not realizing that their physical body has died. These lost souls will at times connect themselves with someone who can feel their pain or emotions such as anger, depression, fear or other negative energies. Please note that not all lost spirits will do this and most are just lost. It is only a small percentage which will at times attach themselves to another person. The intense feeling that these lost souls are carrying are often felt by whomever they attach themselves to. They do not mean to harm you but they may drain you of your precious energy causing exhaustion, depression or whatever emotions they are carrying. You, the host, may think or feel that they are your own feelings but they are not.

How and where you attract lost souls

You can attract a lost soul at any time and within any environment. If you are carrying intense negative feelings such as anger, resentment, jealousy or thinking violent or negative thoughts that resonate with the feelings of the lost soul then this will attract them to you. There have also been new information into the attraction of these negative energies that have shown that people who drink alcohol, smoke, swear, make lewd comments, compete with others etc are more likely to attract an energy of the much lower vibrational energy. If you are a spiritual teacher then this is something that you must always keep in mind. If you are carrying these energies around or if you have attracted a lost soul to you then this energy can be transmitted to your students and clients. All lost souls and negative energy can be found anywhere but they seem to focus themselves within areas that are they frequented when they were alive. Spirit attachment can occur while you are shopping, banking, visiting someone who is sick in a hospital, or if you yourself have been hospitalized. It can happen when you are feeling sick, experiencing trauma as in an accident or feeling any intense negative emotions such as anger.

Methods for Spiritual Protection

There are many methods for spiritual and psychic protection that you can use as often as you feel guided. There are also many distant attunements which have been designed to help with this too.

One of the first methods which can help with the art of spiritual protection is through the acceptance of distant attunements. These will be listed below with full descriptions and price for each connection.

Another very simple method is to call on the blessings and protective energy of Archangel Michael. For example, you can ask Michael to cleanse and to vacuum yourself, your pets, and your children, each room of your house and place of work, and your property. You then ask Michael to help balance the energies everywhere and to surround you, your pets, children and property with a divine blue cloak or bubble of light. Ask for as much protection as possible, and as often as you need it.

There is also another simple method which creates a protective bubble of light that surrounds your body from head to toe. This bubble of light will seal tight around you and if you desire you can visualize a spray of protective mist that will encapsulate any negative energy, entity or vibration that is directed towards you or tries to attach itself to you. You can also program this etheric spray to activate every 30 minutes of ever few hours. Repeat either of these procedures several times a day if needed.

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