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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

How many times have you told someone that you were just thinking about them only to have them contact you that day or the day after?

* Do you ever know who is on the phone before you answer it without looking at Caller ID?

* Do you often guess what someone is going to say next and you find that you are right?

* Do you invariably wake up two minutes before the alarm goes off?

* Do your hunches ever come true?

* Do you see flashes of coloured light around you?

* Do you see a flash of light or a grey shadow around another person as you look at them?

If you have experienced any of the above then these are all signs that your psychic awareness is being developed. Always remember that everyone has some form of psychic ability. We are all born with psychic abilities, but it is through the programming of society which tells us that it is all false or wrong that it affects us in a very subtle way by our rational, logical left brain to be encouraged at the expense of the intuitive right brain. Still, be assured there is nothing weird or strange about psychic abilities, and they can be yours again if you are willing to work for them. Being psychic is all about personal and spiritual growth. It is not about being special or having one up on other people who do not work with this area of their life. As you walk on your spiritual path and travel to new spiritual realms, you will learn about your true life's purpose, you will be in contact with your higher self, and you will be guided by your soul, not your lower self or Ego Mind. Put your faith and trust in your Higher Self, the Collective Mind or the Universe, and trust that they will lead you to use your gifts wisely and well.

Below are 10 ways to improve your psychic abilities:

1. Meditate. The form of meditation is not as important as the discipline of doing it on a regular basis. People who establish a regular meditation time in their lives say they gain a sense of wanting to improve their attitudes towards life. The joining of the subconscious spiritual mind with the conscious mind will definitely change your life in a short period of time. Start with 15-minute sessions and work your way to longer sessions.

2. Relax/slow down. It is crucial that you learn to slow down your mind if you are to develop psychic skills. The normal state of consciousness goes too quickly for any type of psychic connection. The awake-state brain wave frequency is about 14 to 20 cycles per minute. Psychic activity can occur when brain waves are 7 to 14 cycles per minute or in the alpha frequency. Learn to stop throughout the day and slow down.

3. Notice or be aware. Once we begin to fully realize how much more we are than just our physical bodies, we start noticing things in our world and expanding our awareness. Attention must be paid to the information received by your mind, body, and emotions. Everything in the universe is connected. Think of Carl Jung's theory of synchronicity and begin paying closer attention to the "coincidences" in your life.

4. Imagine. The faculty of imagination enables you to rehearse before you make a move. Unsolvable problems are solved using the gifts of the imagination. Learn to fully fantasize, to daydream. Regain a childlike joy in creativity. Teach yourself to visualize carefully down to the smallest detail. Place an object in front of you and observe it carefully—its features, blemishes, light and shadows. Then close your eyes. Can you still see it? Does it look the same or are there differences? Keep practicing until the two images are exactly alike. The more developed your imagination, the more psychic you will be. Remember to stay as playful as a child. Try picking up energy patterns you would otherwise miss by using only your peripheral vision for a while.

5. Listen. Stop at certain periods during the day and join in the stillness. Slow yourself down and just listen. Information can't come to you when you are speeding around, jumping from one activity to another in a noisy environment. Learn to listen to your breathing, to nature's soft, gentle sounds, and to what is happening in that very moment.

6. Keep a journal. Your dreams may become more vivid once you are paying attention. Keep a notebook by your bed and capture the dreams before they drift off. Symbols may repeat themselves and become important. Every dreamer has their own code of symbols, according to Jung, and you gradually learn the language. Use the journal to write down other impressions that come to you in other ways. Write down the things you are noticing and learning. Pay special attention to new insights.

7. Practice. Psychic powers are a skill, like learning to play the piano is a skill. Learning them requires discipline and practice. See if you can determine who is on the phone before you answer it. Let your intuition tell you who is knocking at the door before you ask. Try predicting what will come in the day's mail. When you are empathizing with a friend, repeat back to her what it is you think she is feeling and see if you are right. In the morning clear your mind, and use your intuition to tell you what people you will have interactions with that day. Try to let faces come to you naturally.

8. Take a psychic online course or a workshop or seminar. There are many of these advertised on the Internet. Having access to people with experience using psychic abilities who can answer your questions and direct and guide you is a huge benefit to your personal education. There are also free online psychic groups and forums for people who are interested in learning more and communicating with other interested, knowledgeable people.

9. Try your hand at some psychic skills tests and get some more practice. There are many websites that offer ESP testing, and what are called remote viewing tests where you imagine a photograph before you are shown it.

10. Discover your spirit guides and make psychic contact with them. Everyone has guides just waiting to help them. Some say they are souls we knew in a previous life. Others say they are deceased souls we knew in this life. They will answer questions, give you information, and show you the way. Begin by attempting to get in touch with them during meditation. Try letting them respond to your questions in your journal through automatic writing. There are many books you can read on this subject that will enlighten you on your way. Just remember to stay positive and keep an open mind.

Spiritual Methods to help Increase your Psychic Awareness

Below you will find some simple spiritual exercises that I have used and have found to be a great way to start the process of opening yourself up to the universal consciousness. If you don’t see or feel anything at first do not give up, keep trying and practice every day. The time will come when you are relaxed enough that you will start feeling and seeing the energies all around you.

* Sensing Energy through the use of Crystals.

This is a very easy method which will help you to sense the energies which flow from crystals. First you must choose your crystal and to do this you will be using your Clairsentient abilities to feel which crystal would best suit this purpose. To do this all you need is a small selection of crystals and a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Place the crystals on the floor in front of you so you can slowly move your hand over them. Centre yourself and take a few deep breaths, breathing in through the nose for a count of 4 then breathing out through the nose on a count of 5. Always breathe out for a longer duration that breathing in. Continue to do this until you feel calm and relaxed. Place your dominant hand over the first crystal and slowly move it over each one, holding your hand above the crystal for a few seconds each time. When you have reached the final crystal move your hands back over them from the last one to the first one. Make a mental note of any crystal that made your hand tingle or gave you a strange sensation within your stomach. This is called your gut reaction or intuition. When you have scanned the crystals a few times pick out the stones which gave you the strongest sensations. Continue the same process by slowly moving your hands over each stone until you are only left with one crystal. This will be the crystal that you will use to feel the energies flowing between your hands.

Pick this crystal up and place it into your dominant hand. Hold this hand with your palm facing upwards and then place your other hand above this one. Make sure there is a gap of around 7-8 inches between your hands and relax. Now very slowly start to move both of your hands backwards and forwards in opposite directions to each other. After some time you will start to notice a magnetic sensation building up between your hands. It will almost feel as though you are trying to push against an invisible energy barrier around your hands. Continue moving your hands but this time move them up and down. Feel the barrier that is forming between the palms of your hands. Now move them in a circular movement and notice the resistance. This is a very easy and simple procedure to use when you want to charge up crystals with Universal energies and is a wonderful way for all Reiki practitioners to open and expand their awareness within the palm chakras.

* Seeing the Universal Energy with your Physical Eyes.

This exercise takes a little more practice and is very similar to viewing the magic eye images and the auric field. This exercise will also help develop your Clairvoyance abilities. On a sunny day go somewhere outdoors where you will not be disturbed and relax. Take a few deep breaths and focus your gaze up to the sky, look at the fluffiness of the clouds and the blueness of the sky above you. Bring your attention to one section of the sky and allow your eyes to relax. If you can see the images within the magic eye pictures you can use the same technique of allowing your focus to bend and then bringing it back into alignment. Keep doing this a few times until you start to see little tiny golden dots of light which are no bigger than the tip of a needle. Keep your attention focused on these dots of light and you will see that they move around like tadpoles in a pond.

These are not the floaters which move across the eye and are usually seen as being black or an opaque black. Keep focusing on these golden dots of light and slowly start to move around them, walking in a circular movement. This is now the most exciting and interesting part of the exercise. You will notice that they are 3D in nature and you can view each dot of light or group of lights from all angles. This is the universal energy which surrounds all of us and is the same energy that is channelled through a hand on healing or otherwise known as spiritual healing or Reiki. This exercise is a little trickier than any of the others and can take many attempts to accomplish, but over time and with practice the viewing of the universal energies is possible and will alter your perception of the world around you forever.

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