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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

There have been numerous investigations which have been made into the validity of human psychic gifts/abilities with many yielding quite dramatic results but solid proof of these abilities is still to be granted within the scientific community. It is however very different within the spiritual community and more so now within the Reiki community. It is for this reason that I would like to add a new page to my site which focuses specifically on giving more knowledge on the various psychic abilities that can manifest within your life but to also offer practical and simple methods that anyone can use in order to further develop these gifts

It is a common misconception that those who have natural psychic abilities must be highly evolved individuals. This is far from the truth although many souls who are of a very highly evolved state will be able to access their natural abilities in a much easier way. The possession of psychic abilities does not indicate a person's level of spiritual development anymore than the possession of great physical strength does. We all are born with natural psychic abilities which when we are children will have a very strong connection to but as we grow and become programmed by society and family beliefs these abilities decrease and become dormant within our etheric background. This occasionally leads to a life of total non belief but for some there is also a deep inner feeling that there is something different about the way in which you see, and more specifically the way in which you sense the world around you.

As with any skill, psychic abilities develop with regular use and diminish with lack of use. This is specifically an important message for those who go around receiving distant attunements in the hope that just through accepting a specific vibration of energy that this will make them psychic overnight. I’m sorry but this doesn’t happen and if any teacher or individual promises you instant psychic abilities then I strongly recommend you turn away and find a teacher who is more upfront and truthful about how one can develop their natural abilities. Becoming psychic is something that anyone can learn but it takes patience, a lot of practice and effort to awaken them. There are occasions where your abilities can rise to the surface after just a short space of time but these will again decrease if you do not keep working to strengthen them.

Below you will find a brief overview of some of the psychic abilities that can manifest themselves within your life when you have trained and developed them to the point where they become part of your everyday life.


Psychometry is the art of "reading" the past history of an object. This knowledge is gained by accessing the memory that is inherent in all matter (the Akashic record). Some clairvoyants will use Psychometry to give intuitive psychic readings about individuals who are not present by sensing their vibrational energy from a personal item such as a watch, ring, necklace or even an item of clothing. The vibrational patterns of the object in question will automatically set up sympathetic vibrations within the reader's subtle bodies, usually via the solar plexus of their emotional body. This ten enables the stored memories to be accessed by their sub-conscious mind and subsequently raised up to conscious awareness. It is important to remember that our Animal friends use a form of Psychometry to guide them as they migrate across vast distances. The animal's solar plexus chakra sub-consciously perceives vibrations from the earth’s magnetic force to guide it to its destination.


Precognition is the ability to acquire knowledge of an event in advance of it happening by means of extra-sensory perception (ESP), premonition, prophetic dream or psychic vision. Present events are the effects of cause that have been set up in the past. Future events are therefore the effects of causes that exist in the past and present. If the present causes are known it is therefore possible to predict the effects that will most likely occur in the future. Objective causal consciousness is required to actually see the causes in the causal world and accurately predict the future, but only enlightened people possess this ability. Occasionally our guardian angels send us thoughts or images to warn us against doing something. Unfortunate consequences may be avoided or lessened if we heed their warnings and such intervention usually only occurs to counteract the dastardly plans of a discarnate black magician or a possible spiritual attack. In some cases and these are very rare our guardian angels will actually allow an attack to occur but this is always done within the limits of your Karma.

Psycho kinesis (Telekinesis)

Psycho kinesis is the ability to move or influence an object by the power of thought, without the application of a physical force. The power of the mind (will-power) is extremely powerful and can directly influence physical matter because everything in existence has a degree of consciousness and sub consciousness. Scientists now know that the results of experiments involving subatomic particles can be changed by the thoughts of those who are observing the experiment. If a subatomic particle of matter can be influenced by the uncontrolled consciousness of a scientist, it follows that larger material forms can be influenced by someone with a well trained, better developed and highly controlled consciousness. Nature spirits can also be invoked to move objects but that is magic not Psycho kinesis. I will cover the art of Magic in a much later addition to my website


Levitation is the ability to levitate. Now that is probably the dream of many of you. Levitation is the process by which a physical object (or human body) is raised into a very high state of vibration which results in the body levitating into the air without physical contact.

This can be accomplished by three methods:

1) A non-physical entity at a séance draws energy from a medium’s etheric body to temporarily materialise their finger tips, thus enable them to lift the medium or object.

2) Etheric nature spirits may be invoked to lift the object.

3) The natural law of gravity can be locally reversed to allow the object to hover and defy gravity. This method was used in the construction of the Pyramids and Stonehenge.


Physical matter can be temporarily de-materialised into etheric matter to enable it to pass through a solid object or be teleported to another location before being re-materialised. This is achieved by energising the object with sufficient vibratory energy to allow the molecules to separate out into their constituent 1-atoms. Provided the etheric template of the object is not damaged the 1-atoms will recombine to assume their original form as soon as the energy is withdrawn. The transmutation of base metals into gold by medieval alchemists was also accomplished by reducing the metal to the atomic state before rearranging the 1-atoms into the molecular structure of gold.

I will now briefly discuss a few of these abilities in the hope that if this is your first introduction to energy healing and spiritual awareness that these descriptions will help you to see which abilities are developing within you.

The following information was taken from the Celestial Light Body Activation manual UKCSS protected. Registration number 326704

Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing)

Clairvoyance or “Clear seeing” is the gift of seeing visions, images, or pictures. For a clairvoyant, "seeing" psychic information is something like watching a movie. This information comes in through the "third eye," which is located in the middle of the forehead, though invisible to our human eyes. We all have a third eye. As strange as it sounds, this eye can see in every direction. The information received can look something like a cartoon strip. If there's a lot of information, the psychic may get a number of pictures in a sequence, one at a time; other times information comes in as one big picture. Sometimes it comes in slowly, sometimes quickly, depending upon the psychic's ability to see and interpret what is being seen.

Claircognizance (Clear Knowing)

Claircognizance is generally the physical experience of certainty that something specific will happen. Claircognizance is produced by a mixture of sensory and extra sensory perceptions which usually translate into a physical sensation of being sure about something. You just know that things are the way you sense them, you just don’t know why you do so because there is no apparent reason for what you are feeling. Claircognizance differs from intuition in as far as it produces a strong physical sensation of certainty and can be triggered by something you perceive or hear such as a colour, a voice, music etc. It feels like all sensory perceptions melting into one producing a strong physical sensation of certainty regarding a person, situation or event.

Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)

Another form of psychic ability is clairaudience (clear hearing), the gift of hearing spirit. This ability is also located in the head area. I think of it as having psychic ears. There are two ways to hear spirit. One comes through as a clear audible voice, which many people claim to have heard at least once in their life. A voice calls out their name, for instance, but when they look in the direction of the voice they see nothing. The other form of clairaudience, which is the most common, is the ability to "hear" thoughts that come into our head from spirit guides, angels, or our deceased loved ones. If you've ever observed any of the other well-known mediums or psychics of our time giving a reading, they're usually having an ongoing conversation with their guides throughout the session. They all have clairaudience. Mental telepathy, which is the ability to pick up thoughts from someone here on earth, is also a form of clairaudience. What makes clairaudience so challenging to the beginner is that all our thoughts and all the different voices seem to sound similar! The more developed the clairaudient's skill becomes the easier it is to discern among all the thoughts and the different voices coming in. During a psychic reading, a clairaudient can be receiving information from many voices at once: their own spirit guides, the guides of the client, deceased relatives of the client, and perhaps an angel or two. It takes quite a bit of concentration to listen to all the voices and discern which voices are relevant. And although most experienced clairaudients can keep up with the pace, sometimes the thoughts of the spirits come in so quickly that the clairaudient can miss part of the message. A bit of advice for any of you who might go to see a clairaudient for a reading: You might want to hold your questions and comments until after they're done receiving information. It can be pretty tough to discern everything coming in from the different voices while a client is talking as well.

Clairalience (Clear Smelling)

Clairalience means 'clear smelling'. These are messages that come from spirit and use the sense of smell. This scent can be as diverse as a sweet perfume, pipe smoke, turpentine or a pet. The list is endless. These smells come out of nowhere and at times can be quite strong. I do have the ability of Clairalience and this does not mean that I pick up gentle scents like perfume or good cooking. The smells can be very strong and they feel that they are right under my nose. I will regularly ask friends or family members who come to my home if they can also smell the scent that seems to move from room to room but they always reply with the same answer of NO. When I can't find the source of this smell I know that it is a message or communication from a spirit who has come close. On rare occasions this smell can become very overpowering and more so when a negative energy is detected. You can always distinguish the difference from a positive energy/spirit and that of a negative energy or spirit. You will normally always detect a negative energy through the scent of rotting garbage, dampness or even blood. When a negative energy or spirit is detected always remember that you are divinely protected through the protection exercises that are mentioned in the manual. Inform this energy/entity that it is not welcome and call upon the blessings and energies of Archangel Michael to escort it back to the spiritual realms.

Clairsentience (Clear Feeling)

Clairsentience or Clear Sensing is the ability to sense psychic information. Clairsentients are often referred to as "psychic sponges," because they physically and psychically soak up the environment they're in. They can feel people's health challenges in their own bodies, for instance. As you can imagine, this ability can be a pretty heavy burden. Clairsentients continually need to do clearing exercises to keep themselves clear of other people's stuff. Through the receiving of this attunement it is hoped that one or more of these gifts will surface within your psyche and through practice and patience these gifts will mature to a degree where you can use them to help your own spiritual progression as well as helping others.

Clairgustance (Clear Tasting)

Clairgustance is defined as a form of extra-sensory perception that allegedly allows one to taste a substance without putting anything in the mouth. This is a very rare psychic ability and it is also the same ability that psychics of old would use when they brought forth the phenomena which we call Ectoplasm. It is claimed that those who possess this ability are able to perceive the essence of a substance from the spiritual or ethereal realms through taste. Since Clairgustance is also strongly connected with receiving messages from the spiritual world through the sense of taste, you may be able to taste something that you have not eaten or even been near. Ask your internal guidance for clarification about why you taste this message. When this is done you will normally find that one of your other psychic abilities will be activated so a clearer message can come forward.

Now that you know the names of the psychic abilities which are open for everyone to develop I will go into more detail about how you can continue your spiritual progression by developing your abilities and hopefully helping to bring new ones to the surface. Firstly you must believe it. There is no point in trying to develop your psychic abilities if you are going to question everything that comes forward. By questioning the messages, senses or scents that you receive is necessary at the beginning of your development but over time you will find that you will listen more to your inner voice than your questioning conscious mind.

1. The first step is to simply recognize when a dream, vision, message or scent is meaningful. Sometimes we have the knowledge and insight to make powerful predictions or to give meaningful messages but we miss the opportunity because we are just not aware of what we know. The next time you have a striking dream, receive a message or are given a vision of things to come try instead to analyze it for its symbolism and try to make sense of it. What is it telling you?

2. Knowledge is spiritual power and it is within this power that you will learn to pay more attention to the signs and messages that are given. You will also learn how to interpret each message using your own unique style. Never copy how others give messages or how they receive these. Allow your spiritual self to guide you. If you have the ability of clear seeing then a basic knowledge about history, cultures, religions and traditions will equip you with more understanding to interpret the message that is given.

3. Making your dream world a reality. To make your waking world part of your dream world you must take your fantasies, daydreams and night dreams seriously. Don’t forget that when we dream our spiritual selves are making the journey to the astral realms where spiritual schooling and communication with the masters and our guides will take place. These messages are imprinted into the subconscious mind so the more you allow this mind to manifest itself within your waking world the easier it will be for you to continue your psychic development. Consider your dreams and visions as a playground where you can experience a dream or vision by completely embrace it and removing yourself from outside distractions. Pay close detail to every interaction and absorb what you sense.

4. Meditation is something which you should develop into a daily or weekly routine. During these times when your mind is relaxed you can gain a clearer mind which will prepare you to receive any message or sign. The key is to focus on anything other than you. Humility is invaluable if you want to open yourself up to a higher existence.

The need and want of the human body must be removed. This is not to say that we cannot enjoy life but it is a message that we must remove the ego mind and vanity vibration to clear our spiritual and physical bodies to a degree that we can accept more light into our whole being. You must let god or the universe communicate with you, without the interruption of your ego self. When you start to develop any of your abilities you will find that you will have many expectations about what will happen or what you want to happen. You should never have any of these thoughts because you will only create a blockage that will prevent the true and real message from coming forward. You will also find that your conscious mind will start to play a bigger role in the message being received so that it fits what the Ego mind wants it to.

We all make mistakes and even the most well known prophet, psychic or healer will occasionally get things wrong. If someone doesn’t get anything wrong then you must always question their authenticity. Sometimes it might be as simple as misinterpreting a symbol or word that is given to you or you might smell something which is totally different to what someone else might sense. This is okay and it should never dishearten you. Learn from the mistake and move on. When we listen to our inner thoughts and take our intuition seriously, there are powerful, awe-inspiring results.

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